How much do You know about Star Wars?

Dude. If you have not read 'The Essential Guide to Warfare DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ! OK? OK? OK? IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. SERIOUSLY!!! DUDE!!! GO AWAY RIGHT NOW!!!

No? You're going to stay? OK. DIE!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, man, goodbye. Sniff. :'(. I'll be digging your grave if you need me. >:D MWAHAHAHA!!! >:P

Created by: Nathan

  1. Easy one first: How many TIE Fighters did an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer carry in its hangars and what is the designation for it? (Told you it was easy. LOL Wuss!)
  2. Which of these was the original name for Zsinj's Dreadnaught Iron Fist?
  3. What does IGBC stand for?
  4. Which is one of the strategic advantages of controlling Eriadu?
  5. How do you tell the difference between an Imperial and Victory Star Destroyer? (Other than size.)
  6. Match colors with ranks. (Easy piezzy :D) (>:D)
  7. In order, please. :D (>:P)
  8. In order by size.
  9. In order. Please. Don't smash the computer. Or me. >:D

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Star Wars?