Are you able to live alone

Are your ready to move out of your home? have your parents given you the kick in the butt that makes you feel unwanted. well maybe its time to grow up and live on your own take this quiz and find out if you can handle it!

Can you handle the pressure of living on your own? Do you feel like a loser because you still live at home and your 40 years old? Shouldn't you get a job and some friends? take this quiz to find your future in living on your own!

Created by: Aschelle

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  1. Do you drink Coffee?
  2. Can you do your own laundry?
  3. Do your parents have to tell you to clean your room?
  4. Did your mom help you take this quiz?
  5. Can you wipe your own butt?
  6. Can you make your own meals that dont require a microwave?
  7. Do your parents still watch you in the bath to make sure you don't hurt yourself?
  8. Can you drive?
  9. Do you have a job?
  10. Do your parents hate you and tell you that your adopted?

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Quiz topic: Am I able to live alone