The live of a Shadow part 2

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Created by: Shadey1304

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  1. You anwser"I'll join."Tyler smiled."Good!Don't worry we brought your stuff her already!Get dressed.We'll be eatin' soon!"He said.He walked out the door followed by Coruvs and Jacob.Josh closed his book."You shouldn't be here."He said before disappering into his room.You shake."Is he gonna kill me?"You ask yourself.You shake your head.You get dressed and study/read into Tyler calls you to come eat.
  2. You dash downstairs.You look around.There was only one seat left.Between Tyler and...Josh.You glup and walk over to it.
  3. Then a girl comes.She has black hair.She has purple eyes.She has a bang and sits down across from you."Glad you could join us,Night."Tyler said."I heard a new name and I thought maybe I should show her the rules".Night said looking at you evily.
  4. "That's a great idea!"Tyler said smiling."After breakfast!!!" * * * After breakfast all the boys left to see if Jackie was nearby.After a few min. you asked"Night.Can you tell me anything about Corvus' past?
  5. "Sure."Night agreed."Hm.Where should I start.Perfect!I'll start there.Coruvs was an only child.He lived on a dark cloudy hill.He had no friends.Untill one day a little girl told him'I love you.'Corvus was over joyed." "Was the girl you?"You asked.
  6. Night shook her head."No.The girl was not me.Anyways.Corvus and the girl played everyday.Rain or shine.They were in love.But that's all I can tell you."
  7. "Why can't you tell me more?"You asked."Because this is Corvus' past not mine.Let's start the tour/rule teaching."Night said walking.
  8. Night taught you everthing you needed to know about the house."And that's a wrap!"She said afterwards.You sighed and went to your room.You laided on your bed.
  9. You thought about what Night said about Corvus.Who was that girl?You woundered.
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