How well do you know Shadow the hedgehog

If you like Shadow then take this quiz to see how much you know about him. To non Shadow fans not bother taking this quiz cuz you won't know anything you will get every quetion wrong.

Have you watched Sonic x? How about Shadow the hedgehog? Well if you have take this quiz to see if you really know everything about Shadow than you think.

Created by: Wyker

  1. What game is Shadow in?
  2. How old is Shadow
  3. What does Shadow eat?
  4. What episode does Shadow appear in Sonic X?
  5. What colour[s] is Shadow
  6. What is Shadow's theme song
  7. In Sonic X who thought Shadow was Black Wind
  8. What colour is Shadow's emerald?
  9. Who does Shadow not know?
  10. Who fought against Mephiles with Shadow?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shadow the hedgehog