Midnight love part 2

Hi Agin!This is Midnight love sory part 2 You'll L.O.V.E.I.T.!Like in the last quiz...HELP ME MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!HELP A SISTER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE FANS! And HOT GUYS!!!!!!(P.S.I need a boy friend!)Boys 9-12 are perfect!Anywhys have fun!

Boys:Conner jet black hair and eyes.Hes hair is short and wavy.Zack black hair and ember eyes.Hes hair is long and rough.Danny Lightbrown hair and dark brown eyes.hes hair is short and wavy.Alex Prue black hair that chages color by mood and eyes.hes hair is never the same.

Created by: Shadey1304

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  1. Amy y-you hear that?you ask.Y-yeah she anwsers.A woman comes out a looks at Amy.Then a HUGE wolf comes out and Looks at you and growls.Hello Amy I need to tell you something said the woman.You to said the wolf.R-Rose I-Im sared said Amy.M-Me too Amy.Amy stared the women.The wolf countied Rose...
  2. You...must...DIE!!!!!!Before its to late!yelled the wolf.He talkes you to the ground.OWWWWWW-WOO-OWOW!you yell.ROSE!Amy yells.YOUR NEXT AMY!She grabs Amy's arms and opens her mouth and gets ready to bite Amy's neck.You roll over and over but it doesn't work.HELP! you yell.Becuse you know its the only thing you can think of.
  3. Then a silver haired boy jumped from the brushs with a pretty Grey-Silver wolf.Back off. Leave those two little gals alone.said the silver haired boy.This nightmare never ends.thinks Amy.NEVER!says the women.The wolf(AKA:Grey-Silverwolf)acttcks the wolf on you.The fisrt chance you got you ran as fast as you can you fall in the pond you note to yourshelf: never go to this pond agin!You Black out...
  4. Hello is any one there?you ask after wakeing up.Hi miss mayor of losertown! says a harsh vonice.then a boy with sharp red eyes and prue black hair.Hes sharp red eyes look into you feel a SUPER sharp pain.Heh-Heh...laughed the evil boy.STOP NOW ALEX!I DON'T FEEL LIKE DEALING WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!Alex eyes turned from red to blue. his black hair was now blonde.D-Danny?you ask. WHAT!he yells at you.Then you both were fighting.
  5. DANNY I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!You yell.You stop and think about what you just said.I saved your life...and this is how you thank me?said Danny.Danny Im-you got cut off by Danny.Say sorry when you mean it...Then that whole day noone saw Danny or talked about him...
  6. So weres...uh Danny?Conner asked.We don't know eveyone anwered.Danny Im really really sorry about what I said please forgive me...you think...
  7. After 10 hours of nothing.You start to cry this was all you'er falt...I DID IT ITS ALL MY FALT!!!!!you yell then ran out to your room.You hear a tap on the window. You open it its Danny you 2 make out on your bed.Your hand on he's abs.he's hand on your back.He backs off and you 2 made up!
  8. Conner came in your room and locked the door.So It was just you him and the floor broads.He pushed you back you heard him pur.Next thing you know you 2 are making out.When you guys were finshed Conner said I'll let Nothing hurt you. and he left...
  9. You sit in wonder what that was about.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Before you got more time to think guess who Alex he comes in and pecks your cheeck and leaves.What was that about? you ask yourself.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....You think but nothing happens.Hmmmmmmmmm?
  10. PLEASE RATE AND COMMET!Did you like my quiz?Which team?:Team CONNER?!Team ZACK?! Team DANNY?!Or Team ALEX?!I'll make a fourm about it!

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