Midnight love part 3

HIIIIII!This...is...part...3...of...Midnight... love!If you didn't take part 1 or part 2...GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!But if you did...Welcome to part 3!(Im free 9-12 boys)oh yeah this is a study free quiz!!!!!!!!!!

Boys:Conner Jet black hair and eyes.He is a VERY HOT werewolf with short wavy hair.Zack brown hair and ember eyes. He is pretty hot(well to me)with long rough hair.Danny dark brown hair and light brown eyes.He is the HOTTIE of the town you live in with short hair.Alex Prue black hair and red eyes(Hes hair and eyes chage color on hes mood).He is GOTH and emo and a j-jerk!SORRY!!!!!!!

Created by: Shadey1304

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  1. Ooooooo Im sooooooo hugry! you say after a hour or two of thinking.On your way downstairs you bup into Zack who was exiting Amy's room.So you ask him some questions.So what'j do'n? you ask if hes your boyfriend who was cheating on you.Um...uh Hi...Rose...How are you? Good?Good!He says raning away.But you grab his shirt before he leaves.Oh no you don't!you say.
  2. Now listen Zack tell me whats wrong? and why were you leaveing Amy's room?!you ask. I-I was telling her something...Im no human...he says.W-what?!you say about to run away.Yeah... You see when I was kid I was aways about die.Nothing was happy for me.My parents moved away from me.They called me Bad Luck Zack but called me B.L.Z. well my evil brother did.he said.Z-Zack...you try to say. I was walking home at night once.He said.
  3. And I was bit he said.Z-Zack you try to say.But I am OK! But I am a Vampire.he says.Well see ya around!he says.
  4. After Zack leaves you go to eat WHOA!You yell.A huge wolf is looking at you.*Gulp* You run but the wolf is to fast and bites you.You black out.2 hours later... Hungry is gonna kill me...you say.SHES AWAKE!!!!!!!!!Conner yells.Conner Two words SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Alex yells. Sorry Conner says.
  5. CONNER AND ALEX!You yell.Uh were is Zack and Danny?you also ask.Well Zack is in hes room and Last time we saw Danny he was a werewolf and ran upstairs.Maybe that wolf that bit me was Danny.you think.
  6. Random Question time!!!!!! WHO LIKES PANCAKES?????!!!!!
  7. ITS THE EYE OF THE TIGER!Who likes that song?
  9. IAM SUPER RANDOM!!!COOL HUH?!!?!!?!?!?

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