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  • I actually really like Austin, but Ronnie's eyes sound gorgeous... :) Haha, kinda funny how I got Cody as a result! Also, I took all of your L.A. Summer Love Story quizzes and they are awesome! I never get tired of taking them over and over. :p Are you going to make the follow-up series for those? Anyways, PART 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • OMG! First of all, i love LA Summer Love Story! It's brilliant, though i think after you've finished this series, could you make another, when you go back to Aunt Lisa's, please! Also, Ronnie is so sweet, totally my type! (Oh, a little more lip acton with him would make me happy! :D) Jesse and Austin are cool, just not really my type... Jesse IS really disrespectful, but i guess he IS HOT!!! Austin's cool, just don't talk enough to him. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET CODY!!! :3 He seems like a cool person! Anyway, so, yea! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WITH THIS- AND PLEASE CONTINUE LS SUMMER LOVE STORY PLEASE!!!!! Thanks! ;)

  • I loved this series, and I liked Cody but i wouldn't let myself pick him cuz I had had a boyfriend named Cody and he ended up an a-hole!!! But everybody please take Tonight Tonight and tell me what you think. I just posted it up today and want to know if I should make more!!!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!! all of the boys sound HOT too me but I just can't Pick just don't know which one to there're so hot all of them can't just think about one I'll go crazy and explode if I do but Ronnie is my best friend and he's sweet/hot Cody don't know yet Jesse is a bad boy that is super hot to me and Austin aww big brown eyes flippy hair and muscular yeah so many decision why can't I just have them ALL even though that would be wrong but still they all sound so delightful/deliciou s at the same time don't know who I want undecided but GREAT QUIZ by the way can't wait for part 2 with Cody more ppl/stress WHY but I'll will try Out LA summer I bet it will be great/awesome like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$ $$$$$$!$$

  • I loved your LA summer quizzes, they were awesome, and i'm unsure who i like yet, anyway ur one of the people who inspired me to write a love series of my own, i got Cody, i luv guitar playing guys, i luv captains of sports, i luv bad boys to a certain point, and i luv emos to a certain point, especially their emo hair

  • I CAN'T DECIDE!!!! ARGH!!! Ronnie, Jesse, Ronnie, Jesse, Ronnie, Jesse, Ronnie, Jesse, Ronnie, Jesse, Ronnie, Jesse... I could keep on like this the whole day, trying to choose one of them...

  • i loved this quiz, why did u have to make all the guys so hot??? i had a hard time choosing but i ended up choosing ronnie, he seems soo sweet and i love emo boys! but i also like austin and jesse, austin sounds uber sexy and jesse does too, bad boys are so cool!!! anywho, AWESOME QUIZ!!! make part 2 soon! :D

  • Ronnie :3 Not my favorite name but he sounds sweet.

  • HellOooo!I took all of LA Summer love quizez!!!It was very very gOod!!!I Love this quiz,tOoo!but I don't love anyone yet!in LA Summer love I really loved JAYSON!I Was really crazy for him!!!he he he!!!!at the end of comment I should say:YOU ARE A VERY GOod writer=:D

  • I love your quizzes! They're all amazing! Can't wait until part 2!

  • I really like Jesse, but he could have an attitude change x3

    Love your quizes

  • Ronnie......

  • Please, pretty please with a cherry on top can u make part 2!!!! :D

  • omg!!! nice quiz- i like ronnie with his pretty blue eyes!! and yeah if anyone's intrested in series take mine too - High School Musical ( my style )

  • x3 Ronnie. Part 2! ^-^

    Xx 3mo_Star xX
  • when are these stories going to get a, just a little dirtier? no affence! ME WANT MORE ACTION!

  • i got cody
    cool quiz :)


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