That special love story pt1

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This is my first love story soo please dont be harsh i really got inspired by two storys My love life and mythical love story i really hope you like this!

said everything already so ignore this hey also sorry for this being unorganized and somtimes confusing but i promise next story will be better

Created by: christj1

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  1. Now before we began your name is Jayden and people call you jay ok?
  2. You get up during summer break tired and wanting to get back in bed but your mom calls you down stairs. "yes mom" you say "sweetie we cant find your brother will you go get we think he is out sid" she says Ugh you hat your little brother he awalys makes you have to do stuff you dont want to. but you go look for him anyway.
  3. YOU START LOOKING FOR YOUR BROTHER OUTSIDE IN THE FORSET IN YOUR BACK YARD.(sorry about that didnt know i was in caps)when you hear you brother laughing. "come here" you say. but he dosent come. you go deeper in and suddenly you black out while you where listening for his laughter again.
  4. When you start waking up you notice several voices and wake up to see your boyfriend Jery (jeromone) looking at you expressionless."are you ok?" he ask "im fine" you say.Jery clears everyone out of the room with a false expression of worry on his face.once everyone was gone you look at him and say "what happend" aand he says in a stern voice "nothing you have to worry about. now why did you forget our date today" "you just mumble "sorry". he shouts at you "SORRY,SORRY YOU KNOW WHEN I WANT TO DO SOMTHING YOU DO OK!!!" very scared you start crying. He slaps you hard on the face. "now", he says"kiss me and then we will go to my house to have a 'disscousin' about you"
  5. He starts to force kiss you and you scared dont dare pull away. "okay lets go" he says sweetly.You guys go to his house and he leads you into a hallway you have never seen before. you guys go into his fun room.(as he calls it)once you are in he closes the door. he turns around to face you. "get ready" he says and you black as he looks into your eyes.and CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!11
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  8. ok now i countinue story
  9. Jinx haha i really need to stop wriiting this quiz but i need 12 questions
  10. bye bye

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