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    "I am Silver tree Below i will note all of my accounts. Ravenclaw_love Dawn Dusk Mayflower "
  • -.-
    "Hehp? I took of your collor. You can turn back into your artifical human form now..."
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    "Nothing just looking for a new profile pic..."
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    "Whats up?"
  • No Subject
  • "We need this feature bad."
  • *sigh*
    "Everyone i knew before my old account got hacked."
  • *sigh*
    "No not really. Except everyone is still gone =("
  • *sigh*
    "Dont be."
  • *sigh*
    "Its just i am."
  • *sigh*
    "Im so sad....."
  • "Ok. The account was most likely delted but i was Partygirlz~ (with the ~)"
  • "@Selena: Thanks @hunter:Dont worry i went through them. I know now what happenthem.ed to most and anway if i look in my contacts i st"
  • "@Hunter: No she is pretty cool but i did not talk to her much."
  • "@Mia: *sucks and yes it does.. @Hunter: Joined in about 2008/2009 in my regular account @Carrotop: Yea..."

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