So u think ya kno Harry Potter more than me?

Most people prefer Twilight but me? Well i prefer Harry Potter. They are both very popular in my opinion. But people and their opinions. "You can't fight City Hall." Thats what I say.

Do YOU prefer Harry Potter? Are you worthy enough to take this quiz? If you think so then,please by all means in Hell, take this F---ing quiz! You might have what it takes to get a 100% on this quiz.

Created by: JessVDanielR

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  1. What colour are Harry's eyes in the book and the movie?
  2. How many spells does Ron, Hermione, and Harry know?
  3. {optional 4 answering} What does it say on Snape's door on the youtube video"Harry Potter animation: Best Prank EVER?"
  4. What is Ron, Harry, & Hermione scared of? [each of them!]
  5. What is the name of Nevile's plant in the 5th book?
  6. True or False: Harry goes to the Yule Ball with Cho Chang.
  7. Who plays Harry?
  8. What happened to Harry when he used Floo Powder for the 1st time?
  9. True of False: u will rate this quiz.
  10. When is Harry-boo's birthday?{real and movie}
  11. When does Quirrel run into the Grat Hall?
  12. Last Question![u: XD] U go into Hogwarts and run into Nevile Longbottom and make him drop his Mimbulus Mimbletonia. What do u do?

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