That special love story pt2

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  1. ok so when we left off you black out right
  2. you are waking up and you hear sombody whispering. you lift youself up and you see a women. She was dazzleing white and beautiful."where am i ?" you ask. the women replies"you are safe" her voice was so sparkling and smooth that you could listen to it all day. "i am The Mistress"she adds.
  3. "why am i here?" you also ask. "you are here to face you're destiny, you will rule beside me over all the humans and magical cretures alike" she says "for you have powers no one else has for you are a Fairy quee". "whats a fairy quee" you ask "a fairy quee is a a secret magic people there are only the 6 elders who are fairy quees and one of them married you're dad you should have been human but instead somhow you are like you're mother"
  4. this i so hard for you to take in. you magical you never thought you could be that special. wow but then you think why was jery awalys so mean. you just realise unlike the queen everything is dark.
  5. she said for you to lay down and go asleep and as she left you did.**DREAM** you are walking through a pretty forest when you see 3 boys walk up to you and say "hurry no come on"**REALITY** while you were sleeping the boys were sneaking you out of the castle while you were trying to resist.
  6. you wake up and find three boys over you. you mind is still muddled from sleep. "thank goddnes you are ok" says a famlier voice. you look up and see...JERY!!??!!! "what are you doing here!" you say "and why did you kidnap me from that nice queen!". "whoa slow down there" says a sweet voice you look at the other guy he was a nice looking guy but that didn't matter he kinnapped you! "first my name is tony"he says "my name is jayden" you say uncertaintly.
  7. "hey if we are telling names now let me say mine" says a deeper voice "hey my name is jack son or jack for short" you look at jackson with his deep brown eyes and ligh balck hair. then you glance at tony with his light blue eyes and deep brown hair.
  8. you say"why did you take me away from the mistress" you ask. "well",says tony"she isn't as nice as she appers, actully she is much less the only reson she kept you there was to drain you're power and use it for her self". "but then why did she tell me everything about me?you ask "we do not know" says jackson "ok"you say"but jery if you are helping me now why were you awalys so mean to me?". "well jay i had to beacuse she was watching and i am pretending to be on her side" you were still confused but you were hungry "where are we going to go" you ask. "our home" says tony. you walk with them through the forest.
  9. as you walk through a clearing you see tony and jacks house. it was so big!!! it looked like it didn't belong in the middle of the forest beacuse it was so grand!
  10. ok guys before i have to go let me say the people who first commented alyk4321,awesomecuziam,ashbieber123, Firey_Soul,and sundaisy.

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