How much do you love your boyfriend

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Just a little information this quiz was supposed to be called "how much do you love him" Anyways, this quiz is how much you are in love with the special some one.

Everyone has that special someone. If u do this quiz is scientifficly proven to tell you how much you love him/her. Take this quiz and find out if you need to break up, ask him/her out or stay with him/her

Created by: birdsgf

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  1. Do you and your bf/gf hug all the time
  2. Do you and your bf/gf kiss all the time
  3. When you see eachother do you talk
  4. When you see eachother do you hug/kiss Or do you ignore eachother
  5. Do you go on dates
  6. Are you the same age
  7. Are you the same height
  8. Are you happy when hes around/your around him
  9. Would you do anything and everything for him
  10. Done! Wanna know your answer

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Quiz topic: How much do I love my boyfriend