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this is x-men love story part five. so your basicly at the begining of x-men 2. where the manson get attacked. sorry if some things are a little off.

i haven't seen this movie in a while. so i hope you enjoy this quiz and are happy with your results. so ya...it's about 1:00 in the morning and i'm just going to go to sleep now...bye have fun!:D

Created by: firegirl88

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  1. alright so, you wake up in the middle of the night and hear syrin screaming. you then hear other mutants screaming and gun shots."humans" is the first thought that comes to your mind. you know what to do. as you run into the halls you see other mutants running away."___, let's go" rouge yells as she grabs you. "what's going on?" "human. they got tranqs. their taking the ones they hit. we gotta get out of here!" "how many" you pant. your getting tired. "lots" "ROUGE" as you turn the corner you see iceman, pyro and angel. "come on, there's escape route down her-" bobby gets cut off as a light shines in your faces. "this way!" john said running down the opposite way. you guys run and meet up with wolverine. "wait, you guys go on ahead." said logan, you could already tell he was up to something. "there's a old...friend i have to meet up with" "logan no, you can't leave us!" rouge cried. with one more look from wolverine, he left. "bobby, we have to help him." "he can handle himself. come on!" said john. "bobby please."
  2. so you fallow bobby and rouge (pyro and angel are just hanging back there or something) and see wolverine talking with someone. "-something about my past, don't you? you know something, i've seen it, YOU DID SOMETHING TO ME!" "oh logan. you were always such a joy to have around." said the man with a smile. "kill hi-" he was cut off by a giant wall of ice. "striker! strikeeeeer!" "we've come to help." "i'll be fine" "but we won't" logan sighed. "ok" so he comes along with you guys and you guys find a car. "i'll drive" said john "hey, maybe next time" said wolverine. "i'll fly above" said angel.
  3. alright, in the car, driving along. uncomfortably silent. "i don't like uncomfortable silents." john reaches up to turn the radio on. "john. what are you doing?" john presses a button and out puts this...thing. "i don't think that's the CD player." logan takes the thingy and looks at it. "sit back down." so...fast forward. your at bobby's house. rouge and bobby are looking for cloths. wolverine is trying to call jean or anyone at the mansion. john is looking at pictures. for what reason? you have no idea.
  4. so you decide to ask him. "john...? everything alright?" "yeah, yeah i'm fine ___" he seems deep in thought as he walks off. "don't mind him." you turn around and see warren. "he's just is like that when he doesn't get enough sleep" you laugh. "well, we did all wake up on the wrong side of the bed. but warren...do you think the humans that invaded the mansion were the same ones that bombed us?" "most likely. i mean, they were taking the mutants they hit. maybe they want to like, use their powers as their weapons against like, enemies or something. but all i can say is...we should pray for those who were taken. who's knows what the humans will do to the poor kids."
  5. "um...guys you might want to come here..." you two walk into the living room and see bobby's parents and brother there. so you go and while bobby is telling his parents about the school really being for mutants and not just super smart people. warren comes up behind you. "come with me." he takes your hand and leads you away from the group. "listen _____... there's something you need to know."
  6. "the people that attacked us...they were working with my father to...solve the 'mutant problem' there was a tracking chip in my arm so in case the mutants tried to attack me they could find me. when he kicked me out and a came to the school, i was afraid they would kick me out if they found out i had a tracking chip in my arm." "so.. let me get this strait. you had a tracking chip in your arm this whole time, knew about, didn't tell anybody and let the humans come in and attack us?!?" "look ___, i know your upset, but my father made me do it. he said he could get rid of my wings. make a cure for mutantion. and back then, i wanted to be normal, but now that i met you...i want to stay like this, mutant."
  7. "warren" you say trying to control how angry you are, "you let the hu-" "I KNOW WHAT I DID ____! BUT WHAT SIS YOU EXPECT ME TO DO!" he takes a deep breath. "if i didn't do this, the man who ordered my father, the same one who attacked us, would not only kill me, but my parents to." he said in monotone. you did something that even surprised yourself. and took his hand and gave him a quick kiss. "i'm sorry i blamed this on you."
  8. whatever warren was about to say was cut out by police syrins. you two run outside and see the house surrounded by police cars. all of the police out holding guns at your heads. "get down! down on the ground all of you. and you!" said one pointing at logan, "put down the knives! i said drop them" "i can't" the police man looks confused "see..." said logan holding up his claws the police shot the gun hitting logan in the head. rouge let out a scream as his body hit the ground right in front of her. you and iceman then slowing lie down on the ground. john was the only one left standing.
  9. "get down on the ground, kid!" "we don't want to hurt you kid!" john slowly looked around. "you know all those dangerous mutants you hear about on the news?" he lit his lighter. "well i'm the worst one!" he then threw a fireball at one of the cops. the rest was just a blur of fire, screaming and blood.
  10. in the corner of your eye you see rouge take her gloves off..."she isn't..." you think. but yes, she is. she touched john and he gave away. she didn't let go until all the fires were gone. after that you hear a loud engine sound. the x-men jet.
  11. the jet lands and out comes storm, scott and jean. "let's go before more reinforcements show up." so you guys all hop onto the jet and take off. you are surprised to see magneto and mystique on that ship. "hello, eletica. it is nice to see you again. remember, we still have that little offer." "magneto...leave the girl alone" said wolverine ."she has been through a lot in one night." "oh yes...i have heard about the little attack on your mansion." you heard mystique say. "it's funny how it's the humans who are attacking...yet they are attacking the ones who fight and die for them" "that's quite enough my dear." said magneto. "and we are not here to take anymore of you. the humans that attacked you were going to out some sort of control poison in you. so then you are under their control and can't do anything about it." "that is vhat they did vith me" you turn around and see someone who is blue. much like mystique but he has a tail. "i am the nightcrawler. they took me in and put this...poison in me, that is vhy i attacked the white house. they vanted to make mutants look bad."
  12. "hold on...where's the professor?" asked warren. "they...thy took him away. that's why magneto i here." explained jean. "what!?!" "they are going to use him to kill all the mutants out there by using-" "but how dd they find out!?!" "i'm sorry" you hear magneto say. everyone looks at him in surprise. "they put the poison in me. i...i couldn't stop myself from telling them about it." "so that's why your here. you of guilt?" "charles was a friend of mine. a very good friend. even after we went our seprent ways i wouldn't tell any human about the mansion."
  13. ok, so part 5 is done. hope you liked it.

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