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  • Ooooooh angel is hawt!!!!! Anyway WHAT THE PROFESSOR WAS TAKEN?!?!?! OH HELL NO!!!!!!! the humans are going to pay and we have to get him back!!!!!! X-men assemble!!!!!!!! Lol I'm so random and I always get off topic!!! Anyway, X-MEN ATTAAAACCCCKKKK!!!! !!!!! *runs through building crashing through walls with ease* whoa I didn't know I was that strong!!! *all of a sudden turns into a giant white wolf like the ones from twilight* SWEEEEET!!!!!!! Attacks humans and gets professor back* THREE CHEERS FOR VICTIRY HIPHIP HORRAAAAAY!!!! HIPHIP HORAAAAY!!!! HIPHIP HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • Oooh, Magneto has actually a heart! Shocking*sarcasm*!O h, make the next part soon :D

  • I wish there was a part six...

  • Awesome!!! Luv the series:)


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