x-men love story pt 7

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ok. so part 7. this one came out wayyy sooner than i expected. we got some drama going on. pyro's in the brotherhood. angel no where to be found. we got some crazy stuff going on here. and it's all leading up to...

the. end. of. x-men love story quizzes. this is like the 3rd last part. i think...not sure yet. anyway...have fun taking ma quizzes :D

Created by: firegirl88

  1. you wake up the next morning normally for once. rouge comes in. she looks worried, even scared. "____, come here! quick!" she grabs your are and drags you along. "ouch! what's going on!?! another attack?" "no! just come on!" you find yourself to be confused when you're at kitty's door. "rouge what happen-" you look inside and see what's wrong. storm is kneeling next to kitty's bed holding her hand. "she's in a coma" storm said expressionlessly. "how-how long has she been out?" "a few hours" "how did it happen?" rouge asked. "we don't know. we found her outside like this." "magneto?" "i don't think he would have let us have her back. they didn't let us have electrica back." "well-" "looks girls, don't worry about her alright? we know what we're doing." storm smiled but the look in her eyes said that she was lying. "alright" you both leave and rouge looks like she's about to cry. "i'm-i'm going to...to lie down." you gave her a sad smile. "alright. see you later?" "yeah." you walk out side and go to your favorite spot. you just want to be alone but, of course you hear footsteps behind you. then you feel a gentle hand on your shoulder, you look up and it's...
  2. you turn around and it's angel. "warren!" you exclaim as you give him a hug."hey ___. how are you" "well...not that great. kitty's in a coma." "she is." "yeah." "that's sad and all, but i didn't come all the way here to talk about kitty, and i'm not staying long." "but...but why. warren, i've lost two friends within the last 24 hours, please, i can't lose another." "look, all i've done was bring you...er...i mean everybody here pain." "warren...the attack was magneto fault! he even said so himself!" "yes, but i still had part to do with that." "warren. you can't leave! this is your home!" "___ right now i have a chance to be normal and i'm going to take it!" he shuts his mouth right after he said that. but it was to late. "um...what do you mean by that?"
  3. "they-they invented a cure. a cure for mutantion." "a...cure? WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK WE ARE!?! SOME SORT OF...OF DISEASE!" "yeah, they said that, calling it the cure." he said avoiding eye contact with you. "warren...why, why do you want to get 'the cure'?" "electrica, you don't know what it's like. what it's like to have to hide your mutantion." "what do you mean? are you saying-" "no! what i'm saying is that i have giant white wings that i always have to hide." he says extending his wings to full length. you never really saw his wings up close. they were beautiful. pure white soft looking feathers. you didn't know what to say after that. "you know i'm not going to let you do it." you say after a few minutes of silence. "wha-what" "i'm not going to let you leave me and become a human." "you sound like magneto." "no, magneto would only want you to join his army, but i'm saying this because i need you." "electrica..." "and i know why you want to get the 'cure'. it's so your father will accept you." "i never-" "yes i know. but i can see it in your eyes. you want your father to accept you and everyone else too also." "_____, i need to tell you something. i wasn't supposed say anything but...i guess i have to now." "tell me what!?!" "the truth"
  4. "what truth?" "sit down." you sit down beside warren. he looks more guilty then he looked before. "the truth is ____, my father invented the cure. he invented it for me to take. he's making me get it." you are to stunned to speak. "your...father...made this up! doesn't he know that when magneto finds out that basically world war 3 will start!" "look, ____ you have to understand. there's something else i need to show you." he extends his hand and you realize he wants you to fly with him. "well, might as well let you use your 'disease' before you 'cure' it" you say bitterly. you still, though, took his hand and let him put his arms around you.
  5. you guys land by a strange building. '"go inside. when it's over meet me at the mall." "ok...you better be there!" "i will." you go inside and sit down. there some dude talking about 'making a stand' and 'trying to calmly find a way to get rid of the 'cure'. you look behind you and see magneto and pyro. magneto goes on stage and asks the mutants "so, who will you fight for? them. or us?" magneto and pyro walk down and magneto is talking to mutants about the brotherhood. john, somehow saw you, and comes up behind you "_____" he said. you turn around. he seems almost happy. "i-i didn't think you would be here" "yeah, neither did i. don't you have a master to get back to?" "listen ____. i know you don't trust the brotherhood." "DON'T TRUST THEM! THEY CAPTURED ME AND TRIED TO KILL ME!" john looks sadly at you. "look, we don't have much time to talk. so listen." he grabs your hands and pulls you into the corner so you two can't be seen.
  6. "what" you say. "look, i know your mad at me" "you think?" "but...you also know i hated being in the x-men. don't deny it." "ok, i knew that, but still, john..." your suddenly not as mad anymore. maybe it's because you saw in his eyes that there is something, something deep inside him tha isn't evil. that might, just might be a love. "can i at least ask why?" "you know why, ____" "what's the real reason?" john sighs. "i...i just want to live in a world, where mutants don't have to hide who and what they are." "so you think joining a guy who want to kill all the humans is the way to do that?" "well, the x-men don't want to pay for all the mutant lives the humans took by taking theirs." "keep talking..." "i do. i want to make the humans pay for what they did."
  7. "john..." "look, i-i got to go. i'm sorry if i hurt you. i just doing what i think is right. forgive me...please..." he bends down and kisses you. but unlike to first time. this one was longer. he was gentle and ,surprisingly, you didn't pull away. so he pus his arms around your waist. he then pulls away. gives you one last apolgetic look. and leaves.
  8. you go to the mall and see warren waiting for you there. "what happened?" "nothing" you say quickly. "so why did you take me here.?" "i wanted you to know what was going on. how the other mutants were taking the cure news." "yeah, well, they're not to happy about it." "yes, but others are-" "warren, can-can you just take me home. please. i'm not in the mood." "ok..."
  9. you land and warren sets you down. "warren..." "i'll talk to you later ____" he says as he flies off. you stand there, stunned. after everything you said to him, he's still getting the cure. you march into your room and see rouge there. "there you are!" she said. "what's wrong?" you can tell by the look in her eyes something's not right. "it's kitty, isn't it?" rouge looks down. she looks likes she crying. "is she..." you trail off. "yeah." you feel your eyes become wet. you let the tears fall down your cheeks. "wh-when did it happen?" "about 30 minutes ago." rouge gives you a hug and leaves your room. you lie down on the bed. crying over the lose of your friend. all you want is to be alone. then a knock comes on your door. you don't answer. hoping they would just go away. but the door opens...
  10. "hey?" you hear iceman say. "you all right. "OF COURSE I'M NOT ALRIGHT!" he takes a step back. "sorry...i'm just..." you don't want to tell him about john and angel. "i'm just upset..." "yeah, heard about kitty. she was my friend to" "yeah..." you manage holding back tears. but you just let them fall. bobby puts is arms around you to comfort you.
  11. ok. so the next part will be either the last OR second last. so bye

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