x-men love story pt 6

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hey guys! sorry that this one was a little late. i was brai-dead and busy with school. so this quiz is basically the ending of the movie "X-men 2." hope you enjoy it :D

alright, so recap. magneto just admitted that he had something to do with the attack on the mansion. and that it was agents his will to tell them everything.

Created by: firegirl88
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  1. as the jet is flying, you look around. you can't help but be parinod being so close to the mutants that almost killed you. you look up and see pyro talking to magneto. magneto took his lighter and lit it. pyro tool the flame into his hand. "why would magneto want to know about john's power?" you think. you just decided to let it slide.
  2. fast forward. you guys land, and the adults to you guys to stay in the jet. this is where you get to chose what happens. john leaves, so you...
  3. alright. let's say you fallow him (if you didn't chick didn't happen) so you fallow him. "john wait" you grab him by the arm. he turns around and gently but firmly pushes you away. "this has something to do with what magneto said, didn't it" he just avoids eye contact with you. "john...you're not really...?" "i don't know ____. it's just...he makes me feel like i'm worth something, not just a crazy fire throwing lunatic."
  4. ok, if you went with angel. "guys...i need some air" he says. it's been 10 minutes and he's not back yet. you decide to go and check on him. you find him standing on the edge of a cliff. "warren...everything all right...?" "no, ___. this whole thing was my fault. i let you down. i let everyone down.
  5. "warren...you couldn't-" "i need sometime alone" he says as he cuts you off and flies away.
  6. and if you stayed with bobby. "i'ma go see if their back yet." rouge says leaving you alonw with bobby. your staring out the window and can't help but feel a little worried. "don't worry" bobby said. "they'll be alright." " i know it's just..." you trail off. " i know how you feel, but it'll be ok. you just need to hang in there." he says taking your hand. you stare into his eyes and a second later his lips were on yours.
  7. ok so whatever happened you make your back to the jet or just sit down. you suddenly feel a horrible pain. the worst kind of pain you ever felt in your life. suddenly all the electric items start going crazy. "whats....happening..." rouge manages. you know what's going on but you can't say it. the pain is so powerful that you can't control your powers! finally, after what felt like forever. that pain wen away just as fast as it came. the electric items went back to normal, and you get your breath back.
  8. so the team comes back with professor X. "what happened?" you all ask. "never mind with it. it's over." said the professor. you guys buckle in and hear rouge "where's john?" "pyro?" asked logan. "where the hell is he?!?" "he's with magneto." said jean.
  9. "guys...the jets not working! and this place is going to flood any minute!" "i can stop it" jean said running out. "jean, no!" scott shouts. the jets starts to rise as jean hold it up and the water back. "ok now let her in!" "we can't! this place will flood.!" "we're NOT leaving without her!" "i'm sorry i had to to this scott" jean said through professor X. "i love you" then the jet is fully in the air and the water floods over jean.
  10. you guys get back to the mansion and told the presadent about the mutants, killing them all, striker, and everything else. you go to sleep that night...
  11. alright guys. sorry that this one was a little late. i was brain-dead and busy with school. but i'll try to get the next one out sooner. oh and the next quiz will have a lot to do with angel for you angel fans. k bye!:D

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