How well do you know Three Days Grace lyrics?

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There are many people who know of the band Three Days Grace. And many who enjoy their music. It speaks to people in a way somehow. But how well do you really know their lyrics?

Hmmm? How well do you REALLY know Three Days Grace lyrics? Well, that's what this quiz is for? Are you really a die-hard TDG fan? Or just a regular fan?

Created by: firegirl88
  1. On the ground I lay, motionless in pain.
  2. What do we stand for? If we all live in fear?
  3. You're not the only one, so get up!
  4. If you can't stand, the way this place is. Take yourself to higher places.
  5. We had fire in our eyes, in the beginning.I never felt so alive, in the beginning.
  6. I'm sick of wondering, is it life or death? I need to figure out who's behind here.
  7. So what if you can see, the darkest side of me?
  8. And it gets under my skin, to see you giving in.
  9. It's hard to fly, when you can't even run.
  10. But there's people like me, that nobody sees. So nobody cares.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Three Days Grace lyrics?