How elegant are you? (F)

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You see people - princesses, models, celebrities, with so much grace; so much flair. They wear long dresses with their hair done up in beautiful styles...

Could you be one of them? Close your eyes and imagine your own self like that. Were you born to be a star? Full of elegance and grace? Take this quiz and you can find out!

Created by: alexiboo

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  1. If you went to a fancy dress party, what would you most likely wear? Everybody from school would be there, celebrities and more. NB: This is a formal event.
  2. Do you prefer to have the following...
  3. How would you rather your hair to be worn:
  4. What instrument do you play? (Or if you don't play, do which you would rather). This means you know everything to this instrument - not just enough to pluck the strings or say 'I like this instrument'.
  5. What do you spend time more doing?
  6. What Disney movie do you prefer?
  7. What mythical creature do you prefer?
  8. How many friends do you have? (all)
  9. What animal do you prefer?
  10. What coat horse do you prefer?
  11. What language do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: How elegant am I? (F)