Are you a true Three Days Grace fan?

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Three Days Grace is an awesome Canadian rock band. Inspired by bands such as Nirvana and Black Sabbath, their songs range from subjects of hate to misery.

Are YOU a true fan of this amazing rock band? Do you know enough to get 100%? If so, take this quiz to impress your friends! If not, take it anyways to see if YOU are true fan.

Created by: Snowwhisker
  1. Three Days Grace was formed in....
  2. What year were they formed?
  3. True/False: Three Days Grace was always called Three Days Grace.
  4. How many albums do they have?
  5. The title of their first album is....
  6. What song was Three Days Grace's first single?
  7. Three Days Grace released their album "One-X" in what year?
  8. What was "One-X"'s first single?
  9. Adam Gonteir(frontman), started writing the material for "One-X" while....
  10. Who is Three Days Grace's lead guitarist since 2003?
  11. "Life Starts Now" was released in....
  12. The first single from "Life Starts Now" was....
  13. Adam Gontier's birthday is in....
  14. Three Days Grace associated with Apocolyptica to create what song?
  15. Look back at question 3. If you said false, what name did Three Days Grace used to go by?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Three Days Grace fan?