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Fireflight is an American Christian rock band formed in Eustis, Florida in 1999. They started with two independent albums, but later signed with flicker record company in 2006 and got their third album, The Healing Of Harms, released.

Are you familiar some of their songs, though? Take the shabby quiz to find out. Also, please note me about any errors in my quiz so I can get them fixed.

Created by: WeAreTheFallen

  1. I want to open up my eyes I know that all I need is time I'm growing stronger every single day
  2. All that I see when you start to cry. Is the rock on your finger and gleam in your eye. Your sad story is making me sick. So change the channel cause it's getting thick.
  3. All alone, alone you float Can anybody see you You're a ghost Do they know the pain you hide Do they know the pain you hide
  4. Lonely moonlight guides my eyes right to the door So many nights I'd lay here wondering will I ever cross the floor Slipping from my grip no matter what I'd do All the dreams I held so tightly I could not stop from falling through But right here with you everything's changing You change me You change things
  5. I always thought if someone knew the real me They would turn away But now I've found Your love completes me And I'll never be the same
  6. Maybe you're alone In the corner of an empty house Or maybe you're the one No one notices in the crowd
  7. Forget the fear it's just a crutch That tries to hold you back And turn your dreams to dust All you need to do is just trust
  8. I've been on a losing streak Hit so hard I couldn't speak But when I hear Your voice it fades away
  9. I know there's so much at stake, but I don't know if I can take one more pat on the back saying I'll be okay Can't you see my whole life is in disarray
  10. I burnt the bridge that you were building But I left here feeling guilty That we couldn't see eye to eye
  11. Fiction and reality collide Faceless and so busted up inside You've been searching you've been crying out Will you be destroyed by all your doubt?
  12. When I'm starting to drown You jump in to save me When my world's upside down Your hands, they shake me and wake me
  13. I wish I could feel it all for you If I could, I would take back all that you've been through And I would find a safer place for you to run When you've come undone
  14. Find me in the shadows Find me in the darkest night Lost in the battle Between wrong and right I feel lifeless I'm so helpless Pull me back from the edge

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