Just another Three Days Grace quiz

Okay so I took many Three Days Grace quizzes in my life and let me just say that they weren't really a challenge for me. This quiz will tell you if you're a hardcore fan ( like me) or not.

So do you want a challenge? Do you want to be considered a hardcore fan in my opinion? Do you LOVE Three Days Grace? Are you sick of really easy quizzes? If you answered yes to at least one of these than this quiz is for you!!!!!!!

Created by: Mari
  1. Okay, let's start with an easy one, where are they from?
  2. How many albums do they have?
  3. What's the name of the new album?
  4. What are there names?
  5. What's the lead singer's middle name?
  6. What does the lead singer use as a belt nowadays?
  7. Okay from the last question to now on I'm asking some hard questions. Name one guitar that the lead singer recently used?
  8. What brand of bass guitars does the bassist use?
  9. What kind of drums does the drummer use?
  10. What brand of guitars does the guitarist use?
  11. What's their YouTube channel?
  12. What's the lead singer's YouTube channel?
  13. Who's strategic in video games?
  14. Who's the opposite of strategic in video games?
  15. Who has two sons?
  16. Who has a daughter named violet?
  17. Who has a cat named Casper?
  18. Who likes coffe as their favorite drink?
  19. Who's starting a clothing line?
  20. Wake
  21. True or false they have a touring keyboardist?
  22. Pain
  23. Who wears vests?
  24. Who used to wear hooped earrings?
  25. You made it
  26. Name one song off of their new album.
  27. Which one is NOT a Three Days Grace song (other than pineapple)?
  28. Which one IS a Three Days Grace song?
  29. Who said this? "it's about time that musicians and artists say what they REALLY feel and REALLY mean." ( me: *cough* *cough* many pop artists *cough* *cough*)
  30. Who said this? "Lolipops and puppy dogs just piss me off."
  31. Who said this? " I actually have a bunker in my house."
  32. Who said this? "I was a bean counter."
  33. Okay last question. I'll probably make another quiz later if I can think of anymore. This one is easy (if you're a fan), who has a butterfly tattoo (if you haven't seen it, go see it it's AWESOME)?

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