Shout outs for mah friendies! c:

Thanks for being a broseph to me yo I like chicken you like fries I like pie and sinfonia mool lodge weird words bask hannakan stole my bagel I'm gonna kill him.


Created by: I Forgot My Name

  1. These are to my friends I've made here. c: There's a lot. So nao, I'm going to name them: Mandy, Ben, Ana, Hephy, Hattie, Mom, Alana, Mitchy, Kierra, Jayden, Drago, Carla, Teresa, Tingy, Ozze, Carrot, Victoria, Remy, Mia, and if there's anymore, I can't remember.
  2. Mandy: Okay. So, we became friends almost automatically. I remember you having a picture of Jason x3 So many memories. I remember you laughing when me and that Ruby chick were arguing over Andy and we were all caps raging x3 I also remember our crazy emails xD Soooo many. Anyways, your one of my best friends, and your definately my long lost sister! x3 I'm so glad I met you, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have someone to argue with xP And I LOVE YOU. If you don't know this chick, you better meet her fast! ;D
  3. Ben: Ohmygosh I love you! i will never forget that day we met. :) and then the day I asked you to be my boyfriend. 1.28.12 Your the best boyfriend ever. You've really changed my life. If it wasn't for you, I'd already be dead. Thank you for helping me be strong and helping my stop cutting. Also, your amazing. Your personality is brilliant and beautiful. If anyone makes fun of you, just remember that their just haters. c: Once again, I love you. Thank you for being mine.
  4. Alana: Wow. Do I have a lot to say about you. Your amazing at singing and writing. I bet your dancing is no different. I love soaping with you. Your so descriptive. I miss Rebekah and Cole. Dx I hope you come back after summer's over. Don't forget me while your gone. I'll cry if you do.
  5. Ana and Hephy: YOU ARE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE~. I know you both are definately going to get married one day. I CALL DIBS ON FLOWER GIRL~! You both give amazing advice, and you both are hilarious. Hephy, your so cute in your kitty form x3 Ana, I love your quizzes. Especially the one about depression. It really touched my heart. I wish the best life has to offer to you lovebirds. If you have a bad time, remember you have to go through the rain to reach the rainbow.
  6. Hattie: I don't know you that well, but from what I've saw is that your funny and you sing beautifully. c: I wish I knew you better, because you seem like such a good friendie! P.S. I'm still waiting for them D's x3 ;P
  7. Mom: HAI MOM. I TEXT YOU. Y U NO ANSWER? xD Just kidding. Your so freaking hilarious and funny and you don't give a freak about freaking haters. :D MOO. YOU ARE A GREAT MOTHER. I hope you find out who my dad is. It'd be great to know. ILY MOMYY.
  8. Mitchy & Kierra: sup. I don't know you guys that well, but what I do know is that you both are excellent writers. :) Keep On Writing!
  9. Jayden: HAHA I KNOW YOUR NAME. Anyways, a few days ago I barely knew you. BUT NOW I TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME. Your funny and your awesome. Lol. P.S. STOP CRACKING EGGS ON MY HEAD.
  10. Drago: your awesome at soaping :D I'm sorry that I forget you sometimes. I have dyslexia and it breaks my focus and it affects my memory D: Anyways, you're awesome, no doubt. Your soaping is epic. I love your soaping characters, because your give them great personalities. I'll talk to you on Offbeat. C: but, for now, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ;3
  11. Carla, Tingy, Remy, and Mia (both): I barely know you girls, but you seem awesomely awesome. Tingy, your drawing is epic. I love your pictures~. I see a artist in your future. Remy, I love how you sometimes post pictures. The photography is always so cute! Carla, I've only talked to you one time, but your very funny and your a great conversationalist. Mia's, both of you are amazing at soaping. You both are extremely hyper! c:
  12. Ozze: I SMELL LIKE NAPOLEON. SO SHUT UP AND SLEEP WITH ME I love soaping with you x3 I love your serial killer obsession. Along with your NapoXHitler love x3 Your hilarious. Tell Ozzy Zig I said YO.
  13. Teresa: HAI GIRL. So there was this period of time we were not friends. I REGRET NOT BEING YOUR FRIENDIE. D: I'm sorry for being all those things ;_; BUT NAO WE'RE FRIENDS. You sing beautifully. You don't deserve the s---aki mushrooms people throw at you. Your extremely awesome and funny. And your a very pretty young woman. I love your profile picture :o it's so awesome.
  14. Victoria: okie, so nao we're friends :D Sorry for being mean to you Dx Your a good writer and artist. Your funny too :D
  15. Carrot: HERE YE HERE YE, YOU ARE SO AWESOME. I love talking to you. Your hilarious and your sonfrwajib pretty! Your pictures are always awesome. I've got to know a lot about you. c: p.s. THE NIGHT IS YOUNG NAO BABY WE CAN SHOOT A RUSSIAN UNICORN.
  16. THANK YOU FOR TAKING. This took me nearly an hour to make Dx

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