A Random Would-You-Rather Quiz

Yep, it's another random, pointless, 5 minutes of your life wasting, WOULD YOU RATHER QUIZ! Yay. So, answer my special would you rather questions and get results that don't really matter or benefit your life at all!

And don't forget to have fun and take my other random, pointless, life wasting quizzes while you're at it! I mean, you already took this one so might as well take my other ones! Right?

Created by: firegirl88

  1. Would you rather die a slow, painful death with the one you love the most or a quick death alone, forever.
  2. Would you rather be in darkness all the time or be in light all the time?
  3. Would you rather watch the full Twilight saga or three whole Justin Beiber concerts?
  4. Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?
  5. Would you rather drink 50L of milk or 50L of fruit punch?
  6. Would you rather have 60 seconds to save the one you love or 60 seconds to save yourself?
  7. Would you rather never again listen to your favorite band or your favorite song?
  8. Would you rather watch the movie you hate the most everyday for 5 years, or listen to the song you hate the most 10 times a day for one year?
  9. Would you rather ride a unicorn or a rainbow to school? xD
  10. Would you rather punch the person you hate the most or date the person you like the most?

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