the random quiz

there are people in the world who think they are random but this quiz will tell you for sure! you take the and see if you random. i would take the advise serously though cause it could help you get a life.

Are YOU random? are YOU funny? well now you can figuare it out in my quiz! take the quiz and see if you are random and funny! if well u need to become funny!

Created by: Jenna

  1. are you awesome?
  2. when someone says cheese what do u say?
  3. 4+5689362578946789256=....
  4. do you like ballons
  5. if you had to choose between a ipad or a tv with a xbox what would you choose?
  6. QUICK think what is your name?
  7. you get bored in class so you draw what r u drawing?
  8. your fav website?
  9. what your pasword (for anything) most likely to be?
  10. what show do u usally watch
  11. :) :) :)

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