Who Are You in my Sister's Class?

You're probably wondering why in the world I'm making a quiz about my sister and her fourth-grade friends, and here's the answer- why in the world not?

Like, it's totally random, AND I was bored to death and fading fast (if you got that reference, we're gonna be great friends). So, yeah, here's the most random quiz in the world, by yours truly.

Created by: SilverFangRules
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  1. Okay, so you're at your older brother's baseball game, and a few younger kids from your school are playing in the park.
  2. Your school is hosting a contest to see which home room can collect the most pennies to give to a school in Africa. And if you bring in a quarter or dime, you can use it to take a few of another homeroom's pennies for your home room.
  3. How do you feel about little brothers and sisters?
  4. This year at school, we're having a school play of the Wizard of Oz!! But you don't get to pick your roles, the teachers choose...
  5. The teacher just picked your partners, and you're with the kid you hate the most.
  6. The teacher just left the room, and everyone goes completely insane. One kid even takes some windex and starts spaying it at everyone. What do you do?
  7. What do your classmates typically think of you?
  8. Why do you like watching sports games?
  9. What's the best part of school?
  10. Okay, so you're sitting at lunch, and the sixth graders keep throwing their food at you and your friends. What are you gonna do about it?
  11. By-YE!!

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Quiz topic: Who am I in my Sister's Class?