The RPG Class Quiz

Here is a fun and adventurous quiz to find out what class you belong to from rpgs. These include classical classes as well as some hybrid ones. Let the adventure begin!

Adventurous quizzes that drag you into it are the best there are and I hope this one will keep you entertained! Take a stroll into another world and see what class you are based on your decisions.

Created by: Cronix92

  1. Your journey begins, but where?
  2. You have to choose your weapon. What is it?
  3. If your world worshipped the Greek Gods, which one of these would be your patron?
  4. Which of these would be your familiar?
  5. Highwaymen block your way. How do you handle them?
  6. You reach a split in the road. The left path takes you to the woods, the right path takes you to a river and the middle path takes you to a mansion you know is haunted.
  7. You come across a woman whose house was destroyed by a troll. How do you help her?
  8. You come across a treasure chest and open it. Which of the following would you take from it?
  9. As soft as I am, I can cause great damage, I move a lot but remain in one place. What am I?
  10. Which of the following would you prefer as a companion?
  11. Why do you fight?
  12. What would be your greatest adversary?
  13. You come to your final battle and it is against a deity of the sun. What do you do?
  14. Your journey is at an end. Now what do you do?

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