What player class are you?

Have you ever thought of brandishing an axe and leading a throng of savage warriors to pillage a city? Or of driving a sword into a dragon up to the hilt? Perhaps you dream of unleashing a hail of magic destruction upon a multitude of foes, or of wading through a crowd unnoticed as you lighten everyone's purses.

Now you will see which path you are best suited for as an adventurer in the Forgotten Realms. Character classes are based off of those found in Baldur's Gate. Have fun!

What is your age?
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You are pursuing the bounty of a wanted criminal. You have found him hiding in a house. He is not yet aware of you and there is no one else around. What do you do?
Break down the front door and take his head, then collect the bounty.
Break down the front door, incapacitate the crimal and then bring him to justice.
Turn the house into a blazing inferno with a fireball, and freeze the criminal in place with a hold spell when he runs out the door.
Quietly sneak into the house and stab the man in the back.
Wait for the idiot to step in front of a window and shoot him with your trusty bow.
Break down the front door and take his head, but don't collect the bounty. You don't care about money, you did it for fun.
What do you think of magic?
The arcane arts represent the highest level of human intelligence.
I'd rather have a sword in my hand.
Magic is no match against my god's power!
I prefer the shadows, magic attracts too much attention.
Nature is my ally, what kind of chance does a mage have against my pet grizzly bear?
Which weapon would you prefer?
sword and shield
great sword
mace, hammer, or staff
You are alone and being pursued on a highway at night. What do you do?
Confront your pursuer and find out what he wants.
Attack your pursuer and then search his body for clues, especially anything valuable.
Wait and then ambush your pursuer as he passes you. Take anything that will sell from his corpse.
Use magic to creat a wall of fire behind you, see if he wants to pass that.
Would you be willing to become undead (vampire, lich, etc.)?
The undead are abominations that must be destroyed!
I respect their power.
I admire their longevity. I could learn so much, become so powerful had I that much time.
They smell, but where there's undead, there's loot.
Undead are a defilement of nature.
Two factions are vying for control over a city. Who will you join?
Whoever pays better.
Wherever I get the chance to split more skulls open!
Whoever will do a better job of preserving balance once they are in control.
Whoever is more righteous!
Whichever side is willing to give me the most access to their spell libraries.
For which reason would you descend into a dungeon filled with undead?
Because I like destroying things.
Because the undead are a taint that must be cleansed.
Because of all the loot I can steal.
Because of the arcane knowledge I may unearth.
Are you honest?
I never lie, for it is abhorrent to the gods.
I lie, but only because I care.
I try to tell the truth when it's convenient.
I always tell the truth. (LIE)
Morality is for the weak.
How much do you read?
I delve into arcane mysteries wherever I can find them but have little interest in light reading.
I read the scriptures of my faith to the exclusion of all else.
Only arms manuals.
I have a fine collection of books that I have stolen from the manors of nobles.
Books? Books are for city people.
Are you religious?
I am an exemplar of my faith for all to see.
Yeah . . .
Who needs gods when I gots gold!
Religion, don't make me laugh.
Balance of all things and nature are all that one needs.
Do means always justify ends?
If the cause is just, I will do what I must.
One must do what is neccessary, but never cross your own moral boundries.
Gold always justifies the means.
I never fail, whatever the cost.
When walking through a crowd . . .
I am polite, trying not to bump into other people and apologizing when I do.
I elbow my way through and am known to knock down the old and feeble when they get in my way.
I occasionally bump into other people, and they never notice that their purses are missing.
Crowds make me nervous. So I draw my axe and HACK MY WAY THROUGH!!!
I don't like crowds, so I use dimensional gateways to get around.
I hate cities. Too many people, I need to get back to the woods.
What is your preferred method of travel?
My feet, the exercise keeps me strong and lets me reflect on nature's glory.
Horse, the choice of any knight who's worth a damn.
The horse I just stole from the inn I was spending the night at.
Walking? Riding? How quaint, I simply open a dimensional doorway and I can be wherever I want to be.
At night time in a city . . .
I am asleep. Nothing good ever happens after midnight.
I am avidly studying my tomes.
I am on guard duty. Nighttime pays extra.
Sneaking into lords' manors and stealing everything that looks valuable.
I am part of a team charged with opening the city gates from the inside so my fellow warriors can invade and pillage the city.
A group of bandits has been plaguing a town for months and you have been charged to defeat them. How would you go about doing so?
Rally the townspeople. Set up lookouts and organize a militia. When the bandits attack lead the townspeople in battle.
Ask about the countryside and seek out the bandit camp. Then attack their camp with a small number of handpicked veterans.
Infiltrate the bandit camp, become one of them. Then poison their food and water.
Wait for the bandits to attack the town then follow them back to their camp. Kill their leader and take charge then return to the town and pillage and plunder it the right way.
Use clairvoyance to locate the bandit camp, and then summon an ice storm to annihilate it.
Commune with animals to find the bandit camp and then attack it with grizzly bears and wolves at your command.

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