The Random Questions Quiz

Alright, most of you who are taking this quiz think that you are smart. Or at least good with random facts. But are you good enough to pass this RANDOM QUESTIONS QUIZ???

This is a really difficult test, and it should encourage you to keep trying until you get it right, or at least look up the right answers! And yes, I do know all the answers, because I made the quiz! But I'm not telling you the answers! Nah nah!

Created by: Dolphin

  1. Who is the illustrator of the Harry Potter series?
  2. Which of these is not a real element?
  3. Who was not a president?
  4. What is the meaning of the root "cor"?
  5. Whose face is on a $500 bill?
  6. What is the scientific name for a Japanese maple?
  7. Which of these is equal to cos(60)? (This is very easy; I would be surprised if you didn't get it!)
  8. What is the name of the dreaded monster in "Beowulf"?
  9. What color is the fruit bacupari?
  10. What year did the movie "Twelve Angry Men" come out?

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