mythical love story pt 4

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hey guys! so i know this one was late, really late, i had writer's block and my laptop was screwed up. so...yeah, hope you enjoy this one thought! bye bye!

vy the way, guys. i decided to add peeta as a result and gave raistlin a bigger part. along with silvara. so have fun my little dragonriders! (god, i'm such a nerd. LOL)

Created by: firegirl88

  1. ok guys, i know this one's a bit sorry 'bout that! anyway...i have decided based off of comments that peeta will become a part of this quiz. if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. :D so now... ON WITH THE QUIZ!
  2. you wake up the next morning and get dressed and blah blah blah. As you're eating you hear a knock on the door. "come in" you say. peeta slowly opens the door. "hey...____. can i come in?" he asks quietly. "sure. why not?" you respond, a bit surprised by him showing up. "what can i do for you?" you ask him. "well, i was just wondering if you'd...if you'd..." he trails off. "yes...?" you ask.
  3. "i was wondering if you'd like to go a date with me." he finishes looking down at his feet. you're a bit stunned by this. you barely know the guy. you tell him you'll think about it and he leaves. while trying to think you decide to go outside for a walk.
  4. you go on a walk into the woods hoping to be alone. you then remember silvara. you start heading to where you left her to call her. you fell someone pull you behind a tree. you kick at them and try to scream. but a hand goes over your mouth. "shut it! will ya?" someone says. drake the voice belonged to drake. "drake?!? what the hell are you doing!?" "saving your ass. i know where you left the lizard." "her name is silvara!" "whatever! but look, there's a gang hanging out by the cave where you hid her. we can't have them knowing there's a dragon in there or that you're a dragonrider!" "ok, well then what do i do? i mean, can we wait them out?" "i don't think so, this gang stays in one place for at least three months." "THREE MONTHS!" "keep it down, will ya?!?" "sorry" you look down and close your eyes, just wanting to go to sleep. "so what do we do then" you finally ask. drake smiled an evil smile that sent shivers down you spine. "i was hoping you'd ask that. come on" he pulled you by the hand to what looked like a abandoned warehouse.
  5. "drake, why did you bring me here?" you ask as you two enter the dark, silent warehouse. "because..." he said, you could feel his warm breath on your neck. it sent shivers down you spine. "good ones" you think silently to yourself. "uh oh. i am starting to like him?" you think again. your thoughts are interupted when you hear drake whisper in your ear "close your eyes." you do as he told you to, bracing yourself for whatever drake was about to show you. he guided you body to turn a bit, then said "open your eyes." sunlight was flowing through a hole in the roof, lighting up the whole warehouse. standing there was the elf woman you saw before you fell asleep last night. she smiled at you, and for some reason, you felt comforted by her you didn't know anything about her besides that she was a dragon you were, apparently, her rider. "hello, ____. i hope you had a nice rest." she said in a sweet voice. you turn to where drake was stand "but you said-" you start to say then realize that he was nowhere in sight. you sigh and turn back to silvara. "how did you get out?" you ask her. she laughed. "____, i'm a dragon, i have ways of getting out of things. anyway, i sent drake to get you because there is an important message someone has to give you." "who?" you ask. she only said "he will be here shortly, just wait."
  6. after a short while, silvara have been right. someone did come. in a puff of smoke, there stood raistlin. "you're finally arrived. i believe you and ____ have already meet?" said silvara as soon as she saw him. "yes, indeed we have. i have come with a message. the village is on the hunt for dragons, apparently, someone saw a blue dragon flying near and now people are afraid. they feel a dragonrider is among them." he said looking at you. "but i...i didn't even know about the blue dragon!" you say shock and scared at the same time. did drake rat you out? "of course you didn't know, and the more you don't know, the better." a million questions were running through you mind. the one that came out was "that spell you put on me when we met. was that a spell to see when people lie to me?" raistlin smiled. "yes child, it is." "why?" "like i told you, you can't trust everyone you meet here, that spell should protect you in case they try to lead you into a trap." " last thing." "yes?" "what is it about me that makes me so important. i'm just a regular human that fell through the portal." raistlin and silvara looked at eachother. "that..." silvara said, "you'll have to wit for the answer. it will come." she said before jumping up, turning into a dragon, and flynig away and said "you know where to find me, rider." you turn to say something to raistlin to find out he disappeared to. leaving behind, a necklace with a note that said: ______, where this necklace at ALL TIMES! it'll keep you safe from danger. you are just staring at it when you here someone behind you "hey, ____ what are you doing here?"
  7. you turn around and see nico staring at you. "um, i was just um..." "never mind." he says. thn he notices the necklace. "what'cha got there? " ", nothing, nico." "looks like something to me" he said. looking at your worried expression. "you alright" yeah, i'm fine i'm just...tried, that's all." "well, ok." he said but still looked doubtful. "want me to take you back to your house?" "sure...but how?" he smiled. "here" he said taking your hand and you seemed to travel through the shadows, and a second later were at your doorstep. "woah" you said a bit dizzy. "it's called shadowtravel. don't worry, you'll feel fine in the morning, night" "night nico." you say.
  8. your about to walk into your house when someone whispers you name. you turn around and see no one. you look harder and see fang come out. "hey, i haven't talked to you in a while." "yeah, how's it going, fang." "i wanted to warn you about something." "what?" "people said they have been seeing dragons around here. i just wanted you to know that so watch out, because i don't want anything to hurt you." he said staring into your eyes. you two stood there staring into each others eyes for another minute, when he backs away, and says, "so umm i guess i'll...see you in the, uh, morning then?" "uh...yeah. night fang." "oh, and ____. did you happen to see... a silver dragon?" "no" you say quickly and go inside your house. but you swear you heard him sigh.
  9. you go into your house, and fall right into bed in your cloths. you sleep a dreamless sleep, then wake up. not bothering to change cloths, you just ware the ones you slept in. you walk outside and see draco walking into the woods. you decide to fallow him. he looks sick, and paler than before. you fallow him, and see he's heading to a strange looking stone. he pulls out his wand and starts saying a spell. "ahhhh draco..." says a creepy voice. "what news do you bring?" "the village is an alert for the dragon." he said. he was scared. you realized. "good, good. now remember tell anyone about this...and the girl gets it!" the magic aora's faded and draco fell onto his knees. you leave silently before draco could see you. "what did he mean by 'or the girl gets it'?" you think. draco then came out of the forest. "hey ____" he said happily, as if nothing happened. "hey" you say, still trying to figure out what was going on. "so what have you been doing?" you ask, trying to get some information out of him. "oh...nothing." he said. again, like the first time, you could tell he was lying. "i gotta go" you say quickly and run away, leaving him confused.
  10. you were running so fast that you ran into...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!! DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!
  12. ok, so i know i'm two days late but i hope you all had a very merry christmas! :D again, sorry for the wait. i tried to get everyone in but i also wanted to put some action in. i think this is becoming more action than love xD so i promise that next one will have more love with the characters and everything. hoped you liked it anyway. bye guys :D

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