mythical love story pt 5

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Welcome to part five of mythical love story! hope you enjoy it and rate/comment please! Things are starting to happen and you don't know who to trust. P.S. I worte the results at like 5am in the morning, so that's why they aren't the greatest...

Who is worthy of your trust? Who will lie, and who will you fall for? Good luck and have fun dragonriders! (yes, that is my offical name for you.)

Created by: firegirl88

  1. Recap: Nico's onto you, fang saw Silvara, Draco's talking to weird creepy voices, Peeta asked you out, and Drake's being out of character and nice. Got it?
  2. you were running so fast you ran into someone. You look up and see Fang. "Hey" You say trying to cover up the fact that you were basically running for you life, "Hey...?" He answers a bit confused. "What were you running from?" "Nu-nothing" You stammer as you try to push past him. "_____," He says stepping in front of you and taking hold of your shoulders. "tell me what's going on" He said, his voice firm but gentle. You try to push him away but he just tightens his grip. "Damn super mutant strength" You mutter. "____....?" He questions looking into your ___ colour eyes. "I told you! Nothing's going on Fang!" He glares at you for another minute then lets you go. You start to walk away from him but then you feel his hand grab yours. You're about to pull away when he grabs your waist and basically smashed his lips against yours. He puts his hands on your cheeks and to keep you from moving. You run your hands up his chest and wrap then around his neck. When you both pull away he leans his forehead against yours for a second before vanishing back into the shadows. You just stand there like an idiot for another minute before starting to walk back to your house, you were feeling a million emotions running through you. You reach your house and walk in quietly, just wanting to be alone as your brain tried to process what happened throughout the entire day. Your mind focuses on...
  3. You decide to take your mind off things by going through what was in your backpack. You haven't had the chance to look through it since you got here. You take out your binder, some textbooks, a pack of gum, and your ipod, You smiled. just what you were looking for. You lie down on your bed and listen to music, happy to be able to do something normal. After listening to music for 45 minutes, you put your ipod away and head back outside, hoping to get some alone time in the woods. You make your way that you've grown to know then see a new trail. After considering for a minute, you decide what was the worst thing there could be? You walk along the trail, things seemed pretty normal down this trail, until you star to see a bright white light shining in your face. You some hear a voice echoing in your mind. "Sssssso" The voice was female and sounded as if it belonged to a snake. "What human daressssss to come down into naga teritory?" "I don't what you mean" You say out loud. The voice just laughs a spine shivering laugh. "Why, thisss isss home of the naga, you mussst sssurely know what we are, don't you?" The voice was taunting you. "N-no, I don't know what you are and what you want." "Well then, we are naga, a race of female sea creatures, we alssso, eat humansss like you that are pathetic enough to come into our teritory" The voice hissed. You turn to run away when you see the naga girl that was speaking in your mind blocking your way, she smiled an evil smile. You were shocked by what was in front of you. She had 6 arms, her entire body covered in blue scales. The bottom half of her was a snake, at least 10 feet long. She held a sword that glowed with a eerie blue light. "Now human" She said in disgust as other naga started to circle around both of you. "You will fallow usss, and when the time comessss, we will feassst on you!" The other naga cheered at the words the naga lead was speaking. You felt hopeless, no one was their to save you, you were going to be eaten by fish-woman creeps. Great. Just great. You sigh and hang your head, knowing you won't be able to fight without any weapons, but just then, your necklace that Raistlin gave you began to glow.
  4. It continued to blow brighter and brighter until an explosion came, the naga hissed as the light hit their skin and seemed to...burn them? "WHAT ISSS THISSS!?!" The head naga screamed in rage that her dinner was ruined. The necklace exploded again, burning some of the naga so bad that they fled in fear. For some strange reason, you felt nothing, the necklace was warm, but not hot, against your neck. After one more explosion all the naga but the leader have fled. She grinned evilly. "Well," She hissed "at least now i can entertain myself before your death." You get ready for the last explosion, but it never comes. You look down at your necklace and start to panic, the light was slowly fading, leaving you defenceless. "Oh, what'sss the matter, human?" She taunted. "o more explossssionssss to sssave your sssorry assssss now!" She laughed like a maniac as she moved in for the kill. Before you knew what was happening, you were at the graveyard. You looked around confused, but grateful. Just then you feel dizziness and lean on one of the tombstones for support. You mind still on that face, the face of the person (no, more like thing) that was going to kill you. You feel a hand on your shoulder, but don't turn around, you already know who it is. "How?" "Shadowtravel"
  5. You turn around and are face to face with Nico. "How did you know where I was?" You ask him quietly, not wanting to look into his eyes. "I saw you go down that trail, it was hard to locate you though." You smile weakly "Sorry about that." "Did they hurt you at all ______?" He asks concerned. "No, but thanks to you I didn't get eaten." "How did you hold them off so long ____? usually naga attack within seconds." "Uhhh..." You didn't want to tell him about the necklace, that would just lead to questions, and the truth might come out. "I-I guess because I was defenceless that they would-would try to mess with my head." Nico just shrugged. "Whatever you say." But you could tell by his tone that he didn't believe a word you told him. "Damn you son of Hades and your shadowtravel." You mutter under your breath. "What?" He asks. "Nothing!" You say quickly. "Man, i gotta stop doing that!" You think. "I-I just said that I'm tried and I'm going to get some sleep." "Ok, want me to travel you there?" You smile a bit. "No thank you Nico, I'm going to enjoy the night air." "Kay, but watch out, and don't stay out after dark." He reminded you. "Aye-aye sir" You say giving a solute. He rolled his eyes and melted into the darkness as you walked back to your house.
  6. You start to get bored so you go to the cliff where Drake showed you the dragons. You felt at peace there. On your way you feel something tighten around your leg and pull you down. You scream and thrash, worried about what it might be this time. "Stop it!" You feel a hand slap your face. "Dr-Drake?" You asked confused. Looking up and meeting to boys evil glare. His whip-arm around your leg. Your face still stung but you still got up. Suddenly angry, after all the s--- that's happened you didn't want to play one of Drake's little games. "Leave me alone Drake, not in the mood." You grumble as you walked away, hoping he was still in a mood to be nice. "What's wrong _____? Fang not here to kiss it better?" He said with a smirk. You froze and turned around. "Wh-What are you talking about?" You try, but fail, to cover up. "Don't play stupid with me, b----. I saw you two together. How do you explain that?" He said, his smirk bigger, as he pushed you against a tree. "We're just friends!" You cry out, knowing it's o good. His face hardened. "Yeah" He snarled "yeah, right. You make-out with all your friends right?" "WHEN THE HELL DID I MAKE-OUT WITH HIM!" You yelled, you kissed him, but there was no make-out session as far as you knew. You stared into his stone cold eyes. After another minute, he pulled away from you. "Well," He grinned a grin of a murderer before they kill you. "let's see hoe much he likes you after he finds out what you truly are." He smirked again before adding "Let's see you get yourself out of this one, sweetheart." You watched him run off with a look of horror on your face. You just stood there for a minute, your legs feeling like jelly. You collapsed onto your knees and began to cry. Drake was going to betray you, you were going to die along with Silvara. Silvara. You had to warn her to get out, if you're going to be ratted out then you have to at least make sure she gets out alive.
  7. On your way to Silvara you can't help but feel that you're being fallowed. you shake off the feeling and focus and what Drake said earlier. Why did he even care if you were kissing fang? And would he really rat you out? Or is this another one of his sick jokes...? "Focus!" You say to yourself. As you're about to enter the warehouse a voice behind you says "I wouldn't do that if I were you, sweetheart." You didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "What do you want, Drake? Though you were going to tell Fang that I was a Dragonrider. Not that he would believe a psychopath like you anyway." You let out a bitter laugh, which must have got on Drake's nerves because his whip reached out and grabbed your arm, pulling you towards him. "You wanna say that again? Sweetheart?" He spat out the last part, knowing it bothered you to be called sweetheart. He was only a few inches away from your face now, eyes burning with rage. "You don't scare me Drake." You said with an smirk. "We both know you won't hurt me." "Oh, yeah?" "Yes" You say calmly. He suddenly let go of your wrist, but still you stayed in the same spot, to see if he would do anything. "You know ____, there is one thing you could do to make me shut-up about the Dragonrider thing." "oh, yeah? And what's that?" He smirked. "Kiss me." Then his lips basically crashed onto yours. Before you even had a chance to react, his whip coiled around your waist, forcing your body next to his. While his normal hand ran up and down you back. You didn't move, not that you had the chose. When he pulled away and uncoiled his whip. He leaned his forehead against yours and looked into your eyes. His eyes were filled with...passion? But that only stayed there for a second before they turned rage. He pulled back, slapped you across the face and walked off with a smirk on his face.
  8. More confused then ever, you stood there. thinking mainly two thing. "Why did he kiss me and why did he slap me afterwords?" You keep thinking that while walking to the warehouse, now not entirely sure if Drake was a treat or not. "He's Drake f---ing Merwin god dammit!" Said the voice in the back of your head. "HE doesn't care for you, he doesn't care for anybody! It's all a game to him! how could you not see it?" "shut-up!" You growl at the voice, realizing that it was yourself, you feel like an idiot. You sigh and walk into the warehouse, some sunlight still shining in weakly. "It's almost dark, ____, you shouldn't be out." You jump in surprise when Silvara comes out of the shadows. "Silvara, I think we might be threatened. Drake said he was going to-" "Now ___, don't be sure what the boy says is true." "But the spell Raistlin put on me-" You start to protest but Silvara cuts you off. "He might not be think clearly right now, give him some time and you'll both be fine." She said with a sweet smile.
  9. "Uhhh, ok?" You say confused again. "____, before you go, I was informed that you were attacked by naga?" "Ye-yes I was. Who told you?" "And your necklace protected you?" She questioned ignoring your own. "Yes." "And the demigod boy...he saved you from the leader?" "Yes," You say taking in a breath, worried about where she was going with this. "he shadowtraveled me away from her." Silvara studied you for a minute before turning her back on you. "You should go." Was all she said before turning into a dragon and flying away.
  10. Hello dragonriders. So, quick update. I'm starting school again on Monday so the quizzes will take more time mixed in with the homework and the fact that I don't just sit at home almost all day. xD The ending I feel was a bit rushed, I know. I'm suffering through writers block so bare with me. And I know the Peeta and Draco fans are prob mad at me. Sorry about that! So, yeah...that's about it. Bye!

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