do you love dinosaurs?

many people know what dinosaurs are. many like them. but few people, love them.take this quiz and see how much you love/hate dinosaurs. see you later

this quiz was made out od pure the questions and answers are kinda off. sorry about that. but i hope you had fun taking meh dinosaur qiuz. EGGY THE DINOSAUR IS AWESOME!!!!

Created by: firegirl88

  1. do you know what a dinosaur is?
  2. how long have you loved dinosaurs?
  3. do you know who eggy is?
  4. do your friends love dinosaurs?
  5. if you had the chose, would you go to jarassic park?
  6. do you have a favorite dinosaur?
  7. why are you taking this quiz?
  8. what do you call dinosaurs?
  9. how do you feel about the dinos dying off
  10. dinos are

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Quiz topic: Do I love dinosaurs?