Do You Know Dinos?

Hello, welcome to the "Do You Know Dinos Quiz"! This is a 10 question quiz that will test your brain on dinosaurs. You will encounter many types, from the big to the small.

In the end you will see your grade and what your dinosaur life would be. Are you the top dino or the top fodder? Find out here, at the "Do You Know Dinos Quiz".

Created by: Lucas
  1. Which is not a dinosaur?
  2. A two-legged, meat-eating dinosaur is called a--
  3. Which is the smallest dinosaur known?
  4. By some scientists, ultrasaurus is no more than a large--
  5. The -- became extremely popular after its appearance in Jurassic Park.
  6. Which theropod dinosaur had two claws on each of its hands?
  7. --'s name means "Scythe Lizard".
  8. Which dinosaur is NOT found in the United States?
  9. Which is the fictional dinosaur species that dominated Skull Island in the 2005 version of King Kong?
  10. Was Godzilla a dinosaur before he was the giant monster we see now?
  11. Compsognathus means--
  12. We are now at the end. Say, what do scientists think is most likely about the dinosaurs' Armeggedon?
  13. Now that the dinosaurs are gone, it is safe to add a non-dinosaur question. What ice-age animal has two sharp fangs and walks on four legs?

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