x-men love story pt 8 the final chapter!

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this is the last chapter of this love story series.hope you enjoy it! remember to also take mythical love story by me! :D

so this is about the final war where you will choose which guy you want to be with. will it be pyro/john, iceman/bobby or warren/angel? you'll finally know which one is your perfect match.

Created by: firegirl88

  1. rouge comes in and sees you and bobby. "am i interupting something...?" "no no rouge." you say wiping some tears away. "k... can i talk to you...? alone..." "i'll...er...see you around, ____." bobby said leaving the room. "so...what's up rouge?" "well...i was coming to see if you were alright but..." "oh yeah..." you say blushing bright red. "look, ____ if you like i don't care, but i need to know, do you like my ex?" "really rouge, i'm not sure whether i like him or not. my feelings are all mixed up." "ok, i understand. i guess." "look, can we just forget this and go to kitty's funeral" "fine...but tell me this, are there others?" "huh?" "other guys that, you know, like you." you don't really want to tell her about pyro and angel. and it's clear that they both have feelings for you. "uh, i don't think so..." you lie.
  2. "ok... so anyway...do you have any idea of how kitty...you know?" rouge asks changing the subject. "i don't know. brotherhood? humans? FREAKIN' ALIENS! WE HAVE SO MANY ENEMIES IT COULD BE ANYBODY!!!" "...um...?" "i'm sorry rouge. it's just..." "i know. i miss her to." "well, she's not the only one..." you say under your breath. "what?" "i..i said i...er...miss her. a lot." "yeah, you should get dressed, the funeral is soon." "k, see you later rouge." "yeah..."
  3. so, you went to kitty's funeral, and bobby held your hand throughout the entire thing. when your leaving it's almost 11:00 and your about to go to sleep. bobby comes up behind you. "_____" "yeah?" "fallow me." he leads you to a huge water fountain. he touches it and the water becomes ice. "i don't-" "ever gone ice-skating?" he asks with a small smile. you smile "no but i'm willing to try." so you guys get your skates on and bobby takes your hand. he teaches you how to stay balenced. you guys skate but you lose balence and and almost fall but you land in his arms. you guys laugh and he looks in your eyes. "thank you for this bobby." you say and then kiss him.
  4. you go to sleep that night and dream of whoever. you wake up and feel like taking a walk outside. you take a car and drive away from the mansion so no one can bother you. you stop by a random spot and hide you car. on you r walk you see people. but as you get closer you see they're mutants. hundreds of them all cheering to someone making a speech. magneto. you see and hide, trying to blend into the crowd. behind him, john, jean, some other people. but no mystique. "that weird." you think. this could be bad. as you listen to what magneto is saying, he plans to march the army, destroy the cure, and get out clean. you need to talk john out of this. no matter how you feel about him, you don't want to fight someone who was your friend. so magneto senses wolverine who came to get jean. so they leave and john walks by. "john" you hiss. he turns around with flame in his hand. "___, what are you doing here?" "listen, your not really going to-" "i told you already ___" you give him a look. he sighs. he pulls you around a corner where you can't be seen. "you know why, ___" "so it's worth your own life. mystique's life?" "mystique didn't die." he says coldly. "she was 'cured' they shot it at her. soon we'll all be forced to get it. open your eyes ___! they'll force it on us!!" he gripped your arm painfully. "that's why i have to do this!" e sees you in pain and quickly lets go of your arm. "sorry" he mumbles. "it's fine." you say. "_____, get out of here. it's not safe for you." "ok, but john?" "yeah?" "the x-men are going to defend to the humans, you know that right?" "yeah..." "that means i'll have to fight you." "you don't have to fight-" "neither do you." "ok, you know what? f--- this! f--- this war s---! look, we can get away from this, at the war, meet me by the back of the building. we can get off there. that is, if you want to." before you say anything he kisses you forehead. "now get out before they find you" he then rejoins the brotherhoood.
  5. ok, you go back to the mansion, thinking about what john said. your wondering if you should go with him. get away from all this war crap.
  6. fast forward. it's war time. on the battlefield. you took out 3 enemies at the same time. and now it's the chose. this is how it'll work. each question will show you going with each guy. if you didn't want it to happen just click didn't happen. ok?
  7. you chose john: "___" he calls out. "come on, fallow me!" "where are we going?" "i don't know. but we have to get off this island! magneto has jean ready to blow the place to hell any second! everything will die!" you guys run and find a boat. you sail off the ship just as the you see giant waves and fires starting on the island. "so what do we do now?" you ask him. "we start new lives. i can never go back to the x-men. but you can." "what if i don't want to go back?" he looks up and smiles. you smile back.
  8. you chose warren: you see some brotherhood members entering the building to kill the guy who invented the cure. warren's father. you fallow them and see them push his father off the roof. warren comes by and catches his father. "warren!" you cry. the other mutants hear you. "kill her!" you get ready to fight hem off. warren comes in and knocks them off the roof. "let's go" he offers you his hand. and you take it. and fly off together.
  9. if you chose bobby: "bobby! watch out!" you cry. you two got pushed into the corner and are fight off at least 8 mutants. "get behind me" bobby says. "what?" "just get behind me!" you go behind him and he makes a wall off ice. "that should hold them off. now jeans going to destroy everything! let's split" he grabs your arm and you two get to safrty. after the wars over you guys go back to the mansion.
  10. well, this is the ending of my first love story quiz series. i made another series call mythical love story if you liked this one! thanks for taking!

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