How Well Do You Know Snarling?

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Have you ever written a book? I have. It is about a boy named Grant who gets a disease called Snarling which turns him into a dog. It is a funny, tragic, adventurous,and action-packed story that everyone that reads it loves and wants to read it again.

This quiz tests your Snarling knowledge, even if you haven't read the book. Do you know all about the twenty-one chapter, 42-page dog story that I wrote? Take this quiz to find out the answer...

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  1. How does Grant get Snarling?
  2. What does Snarling do to people when they get it?
  3. Someone gets Snarling when a person with Snarling jumps inside of them. The victim turns into the dog that jumped inside of him/her. What is the dog that makes you stuck with Snarling forever?
  4. Who is Grant's ex-best friend?
  5. When Grant is in front of Trevor's house, he realizes he can jump inside of Trevor and go where?
  6. Where does Grant meet Ruby?
  7. What is Ruby?
  8. What does Jude give Grant to disguise himself?
  9. After Ruby and Grant stole food, what happens when Ruby giggles?
  10. In the chapter, "Tricking Trevor", what is Grant's Plan B?
  11. Which dog at the pound is in Grant's cage with him?
  12. What happens to Grant when leading Trevor somewhere where he can jump into him?
  13. Since Ruby is an omega werewolf, what happens to her when she transforms?
  14. What werewolf teases Ruby and Grant when they enter the Werewolf Pack Territory?
  15. When Grant enters the happy place, what does he find out?
  16. What is Trevor's pet dog?
  17. In the second chapter, Grant is riding his bike when what dog shows up?
  18. What person jumps into Grant and turns him into the black shepherd dog?
  19. What is Trevor's secret identity?
  20. What is Trevor's dog's secret identity?
  21. How does Grant lose Snarling?
  22. Which dog shows up in the middle of Grant's street when he is going to baseball practice?
  23. What dog shows up at baseball practice that makes Grant throw up?
  24. What dog steals Grant's bike and what is his name?
  25. What trick does Edward and Boris play on Grant at the bike store?
  26. In the very end of the book, what is Grant's special birthday present?
  27. At the vet's office, who does Grant try to jump into?
  28. At the vet, who does Grant try to jump into?
  29. After being hit by a car, who was the driver that hit Grant?
  30. How old is Grant?
  31. How old is Ruby?
  32. About to be put down at the pound, who breaks in the pound and saves Grant?
  33. In the second chapter, why is Grant suspicious of Trevor?
  34. In the first chapter, in the 1800's, why are Edward, Boris, and the other eleven men wearing fishing outfits?
  35. What is the name of the first black shepherd that jumped into Edward?
  36. When is Trevor's birthday?
  37. How does Trevor die in the end of the book?
  38. This book was made in:

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