What Dog Breed Are You?

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There are so many wonderful dogs on our world. They have been at man's side since the time of cave men. What if you were a dog? That would be pretty cool! But which kind?

First, think what kind of dog you WANT to be. Is it a Cocker Spaniel? Maybe a Golden Retriever? How close was what you wanted to be to your result? If it was the same, then, congratulations! Well, enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Annabel
  1. Do you feel comfortable in crowds or prefer to be alone.
  2. Are you pretty clever and really know your stuff or maybe not so much?
  3. Would you describe yourself as a show-off or modest, regardless of your popularity?
  4. Do you prefer warm or cold temperatures?
  5. Would you describe yourself as outgoing or shy?
  6. Do you like to work in a team to get something done or work by yourself?
  7. Are you known for your strength and stamina or speed and agility.
  8. Do you tend to lead or follow.
  9. Are you patient or impulsive?
  10. Are you playful and mischievous or kind of serious?
  11. Would you say you are charming or charismatic or mostly turn the conversation awkward. Tell the truth, now!
  12. Would you call yourself graceful or a klutz?
  13. Are you usually sleepy or hyper.

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