Should You Work At McDonalds?

There are some people in this world who really need money but don't have anywhere to work.. Other than McDonalds! Some people are worthy, some people are not. This quiz will help you decide if your worthy of being the ultimate McDonalds worker!

This quiz is kind of based off of Spongebob. (Just a warning..) These results aren't truly accurate but they can be! No matter what you get, if you really want to work at the Mickey D's then fulfill your dream!

Created by: I Forgot My Name

  1. Do you like cooking? :D
  2. Are you good at cooking?
  3. Do you enjoy working?
  4. Are you lazy?
  5. Do you enjoy and take pride in your work?
  6. Is it your dream to become the cook at McDonalds?
  7. Would you always be happy about work, even if you hated one/some of the other workers?
  8. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  9. Will you rate?
  10. Will you comment?

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Quiz topic: Should I Work At McDonalds?