do you know how to use the internet?

alright. so i was bored and decided to make this random quiz. the questions are stupid and results most likely very unaccurit. but have fun! and be warned....

this quiz is stupid and just for fun. so if you don't like random, pointless quizzes.LEAVE NOW. but you could stay i would very much apprecate it! :D

Created by: firegirl88

  1. do you troll people at all.
  2. do you get a lot of hate? e.g. on a quiz,video.etc
  3. do you know how to do a lot of things?
  4. do you use online messaging?
  5. how do find out about new music?
  6. do you download things such as movies or t.v. shows?
  7. how often do you go on your computer?
  8. do you give out your identity to strangers on the internet?
  9. rate?
  10. comment?

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Quiz topic: Do I know how to use the internet?