What 'thing' can you not survive without?

All people have something that they love so much that they can't live without it. It could be a TV, or outside or maybe a musical instrument or it could be books.

If you want to find out that one thing that you cannot live without,'then take this quiz to find out! Results may not be true completely, they are only based off what you answered. Enjoy!

Created by: piepie

  1. It's summer break! What are you doing?
  2. Your favorite item in your room:
  3. What calms you down?
  4. Favorite subject at school:
  5. If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?
  6. How did you meet your friends?
  7. How big is your group of friends?
  8. Favorte store:
  9. Favorite animal/pet:
  10. What's your IPod like?
  11. Where are you right now?

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Quiz topic: What 'thing' can I not survive without?