Can you Survive a day in a jungle of Cryptids

You are a Boy/Girl who fell into a pit Of extremely Dangerous Cryptids The Can Kill you If you Can't remember you Cryptozoolgist training So study hurry!

Can You survive like me if you remember how to survive a cryptid like i can just be very Careful Or you are a Goner ok thank you get ready for the most dangerous thing of your life!

Created by: Mike
  1. You fell into the jungle pit you had one Chance to grab something.
  2. You see a river and your out of water you
  3. You see a thing behind a tree it is a chupacabra if you Picked a weapon it flew out of your hand when it tackled what you do
  4. You escaped the chupacabra now you see a lake
  5. (Only if you took a swim) You get pulled under the water and you see a Big octopus And you see 3 things you can use
  6. you see a Giant snake and it tries to attack you Seen this somewhere And you know how to avoid it but cant remember.
  7. You see a dark Shadow then another then you remember That Then you yelled it spit at your face A Dilophasarus From jurassic Park
  8. You escaped the dilophosarus You thought How that get here Then it Happened you got scratched Across the chest then it was standing right in front of you. another Spitter
  9. You escaped another Spitter. A giant Moth kind of man was in front of you And yelled "Oh S#!T"
  10. Your at the wall And all the cryptids are in front Of you. You see three things In front of you

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive a day in a jungle of Cryptids