mythical love story pt 6

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Okay, here it is, finally, part six of mythical love story. Remember, we can either like Drake, Draco, Nico, Peeta, or Fang. If you want me to add someone just ask in the comments.

So...yeah. Read above for all important information. Enjoy this installment of the quiz people! Okay, goodbye my little dragonriders!! :)

Created by: firegirl88

  1. Recap:Fang kissed you, Drake threatened to give you up then kissed you THEN slapped you across the face. You haven't seen Draco or Peeta lately.
  2. You watched as Silvara flew off into the sky. Your face still stung from where Drake slapped you. You started to turn around when you heard someone walk in. "______" They said quietly. You knew the voice but couldn't remember who it belonged to. "Why was a dragon talking to you?" They asked now coming out of the shadows.
  3. Out of the shadows walked Nico. "" You said looking down trying to think of something to say. "___, this whole was you....the blue dragon attack..." He trailed off and you suddenly yelled. "I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BLUE DRAGON ATTACK!! I DON'T EVEN RIDE A BLUE DRAGON MUCH LESS KNOW ONE!!!" He flinched at this. "____, calm down..." He tried. "HOW CAN I CALM DOWN WHEN I'M A MOTHER f---ING DRAGONRIDER AND IF ANYONE FINDS OUT I'M DEAD!!" "______, I'm not going to tell anyone that you're one." "How the hell can he stay so calm?" You wonder. "But is there anyone else who knows this?" You looked at your feet like a child when they were in trouble. "Should I tell him that Drake knows?" You thought. You decided to see what Drake-a--hole-Merwin wanted before you tell Nico anyone else knows. "Not that I'm aware of." You say. "Good..." He says trailing off. "So..." You ask. "what now?" "Well, you could introduce me to your dragon." He said with a smile. "Wha-" You turn around and Silvara's there in her...human (Well more like elven) form. "Oh um," You say feeling awkward. "Nico this is Silvara my, err, dragon. Silvara, this is my friend Nico." Silvara bowed. "I am honored to meet one of my rider's friends." Nico looked a bit confused but he bowed back and said. "Um, and I'm honored to meet a silver, er, dragon." Silvara stood up and chuckled. Then she turned to you with a serious look on her face. "_____, Raistlin is coming soon, he said he has important news on the naga." "Wait..." Nico butted in. "Who's this Raistlin guy and how does he know about the naga that attacked _____?" Silvara ignored him. "He also said that there must be a reason your necklace failed you, there is no limited amount of charges. "Wait, what the hell are you talking about?" Asked Nico again. You sighed and turned around, telling him everything he wanted to know. Once he was all caught up you turned to face Silvara again. "When will he be here?" You ask. "Soon, but now your friend must go." "Why do I have to go, I did save her life from the naga!" Nico exclaimed. "Yes, and we are grateful, but Raistlin does not like outcasts in the area when he's around. ____ will tell you everything you need to know when he leaves, but for now you must act like you were never here." Silvara said. Nico raised an eyebrow. You sighed. "Nico, please just listen to her." You tried. He looked at you, huffed and shadow traveled, back to the graveyard, you guessed. "He'll be here soon." Said Silvara.
  4. Just like the last time, Raistlin popped in out of nowhere. "_____," He said. "I realize that your necklace saved you?" "Noooo," You said. "It exploded three times, then died on me! I would have been eaten by creepy fish women if it wasn't for-" You cut yourself off, not wanting Raistlin to know about Nico. "If it wasn't for whom?" He asked. "If it wasn't for the demigod boy." Silvara cut in. "Of course he doesn't know anything about this." She added quickly, motioning around them. "Well this demigod cannot find out, at all costs." Raistlin said. "Remember what I told you _____, there is someone whom you cannot trust." You looked at Silvara. "Does he know Drake knows?" You thought. Silvara shrugged.
  5. "___?" He asks. "Yes?" You answer. "It was naga that attacked you, wasn't it?" "Ye-yes. They tried to eat me." You said shaking. "And do they know what you are?" "I-I don't think so..." Raistlin sighed. "Did any die?" "No, they ran." "All of them?" "No, they leader almost killed me." He sighed. "I must be going now." He suddenly said, and disappeared out of thin air. You looked at Silvara. "Do you think he-" "I don't know child." She said. "But you must talk to your demigod friend." "About what? He already knows, it's not like he's going to tell anyone." "Yes, but you must tell him what you know." "What do you-" Then it stuck you. She knows about Draco. "Okay." You said taking a breath as she turned into a dragon and left. You slowly walked out and Nico came out of the shadows. "What happened in there?" He asked you. "Nu-nothing." He gave you a look. "____, there was something that happened, you're all shaken up. You look like you've seen a ghost." You took a deep breath. "Should I tell him?" You wondered. "Nico, 'll tell you after I think about-about what he said." You lied.
  6. "Okay..." He said. "So...I guess I'll...see you around?" He asked. "Ye-Yeah." You said forcing a fake smile. "I'll see you in a bit, mkay?" He nodded and disappeared back into the shadows. You sighed. Why was life so hard now? Why was it me who got stuck in this mess? This world of magic, power, evil, and BOYS? Ugh! You turned towards the way you came, now knowing which way to take without running into anything that would try to kill you. You walk along, not really in a hurry to get anywhere. You start to see a bright light, getting brighter and more eerie. It was a green light that looked like poison or toxic gas. You slowly made your way towards it, when you finally get near it. You see someone standing a swampy looking area with and evil and dark feeling in the air, as thought something happened and everything was depressed. You slowly approach the figure standing there. You walk up and see the face of...
  7. It was Draco, before he could see you you hid in a nearby bush. Sure enough he starts saying words that you remember from before. He was summoning that creepy voice dude again. "Is everything going on track...Draco?" It hissed the last word, it's voice dripping poison. Draco became pale. "Y-Yes, we will find them in no time, master." He shook with fear slightly. The voice seemed to notice, because it let out a mocking laugh. "Good,good my boy. Now tell me, what has the girl been up to lately?" You froze. Was it talking about me? How the hell could it be talking me? Draco became, if possible, more pale. "" He gulped. "She's doing swell, has no idea what's going on." He said, it almost sounded like he was not only trying to convince the voice, but himself as well. He voice let out another bitter, cruel, laugh. "Good, and keep it that way, don't make her share the same fate as your mother!" Draco nodded. His eyes wide with pain and fear. The voice said some words you didn't know and disappeared, also making the light disappear as Draco fell to the ground, you slowly backed started to back away, but you wanted to comfort him, tell him everything was going to be okay. But you decided against it. You go back to the trail you were fallowing before and think about what the voice said. "Same fate as your mother..." The words were ringing in your head. What had happened to his mother? What was going to happen to me? And him? What the hell was this even about?!? You shook your head as millions of questions without answers flooded your head. You collapsed by a tree, feeling a tear run down your cheek, but at this point you don't even care. All of it was just to much. Draco, Drake, fang, Nico, Silvara, Peeta, Raistlin, everything was just to much to handle. You finally let pain overcome as a wracked sob escapes from your chest. "My life is hell..." A statement you have thought a thousand times, this time was different though. No one was there for you, you had so much pressure on you. You let a whimper escape your lips, a cry also. "____?" You heard someone behind you. "why are you crying?" They ask getting closer towards you. "Go away!" You shout, not caring who it is, they just got close though, you could hear them standing right behind you.
  8. They walked up to you and put an arm around you, you turn around and see that it was Peeta. "Leave me alone." You whisper. "Not until you tell me what's wrong." He said. You sighed. "I cannot tell him, no way in hell." You thought, and sighed. "What do you want?" You asked. He raised his eyebrows. "I just told you, I want you tell me what's wrong." You sighed. "'s nothing I'm just...homesick." You lied. "It-It's nothing, I'll be okay." He studied you for a moment, as if not sure whether to believe you or not, but sighed. "I know how you feel...well not really, my mother was kind of a b----." He let out a bitter laugh. You looked up at him. "Really?" You ask. "Damn." He replied. "They weren't lying when they said you never read." He chuckled. You rolled your eyes. "Yes, it's unbelievable, now can we leave?" You asked sarcastically. "Anything for the princess." He teased. You let out a laugh. "Trust me, I am no princess." You say. "Well," He said getting up and offering you is hand. "To me, you are." You blush slightly and take his hand. " about that date?" He wiggled his eyebrows. "Stop calling me princess and you'll get an answer." You teased. "Fine, ____, will you go on a date with me?" He asked innocently. You turned to look at him and leaned in, so your lips were almost touching. "Maybe." You said and pulled away, just like that. "Hey!" He shouted after you as you walked away calmly. "Hey! You can't do that!" He said angrily. You turned around. "Who says I can't?" You asked smoothly. "See you around." You added with a small wink.
  9. You were walked along. smirking a bit. Until you felt a snake coil around your arm. You sighed. "Very funny Drake." You said a loud. You were NOT in the mood to deal with him right now. "Aww, come on, babe, it's fun." He said stepping out of the shadows, uncoiling his whip from around your arm. "Well, I'm not in the mood for you type of "fun" Drake!" You spat at him, starting to walk away. "Hey, wait!" He called, grabbing your hand, this time with his good arm. "What!" You snapped, pulling your hand away with surprising force. "I-I just" He became quiet. Very undrake like quiet. "What is it that you wanted?" You asked, your eyes still cold but a bit of softness in your voice. "Well, when I slapped was kind of...the sadistic side of me...taking over almost...." He whispered. "So...I say....I-I'm sorry, ____. I'm sorry that I hurt you in any way." You were stunned. Was Drake Merwin...apologizing? You slowly looked up at him, looking into his eyes. They show very little emotion, not much, but enough. You sighed and started to walk away. "Hey, wait ___! Do you forgive me?" you turned around. "I forgive you for slapping me Drake, what I don't forgive you for is kissing me and threatening to tell my secret. I don't think I can trust you anymore." You finished and walked away, emotionless.
  10. You didn't regret what you said to Drake. After all, he deserved it, and more. "Next time you should kick him where it hurts." Said the little voice in your head. You smiled a bit. Now THAT would be something. You sighed and finally arrived at your house, fishing your keys out of your pocket, and opened the door, locking it for the night. You weren't leaving this house for a few days, wanting to just relax and sleep, but you couldn't. Your mind wandered to back home, and if you thought about, here was WAY better then there. Here, people noticed you, there, you were a nobody. Here, you were important, there, no one would give two craps if you were gone. "They probably don't." You muttered to yourself as you stared at the ceiling. You heard a soft knock at the door. "Come in." You muttered. The door opened reveling Fang. "Hey ____, how you feeling?" He asked as he silently closed the door and walked up to you, sitting beside you. "Fine." You grumbled. "Why can't they just leave me alone?" You thought helplessly. "Really?" He asked. "Because you don't seem like it..." He said. "Well I..." You started. "I'm just a bit homesick..." You say, still lying. He raised his eyebrows. You looked at him. "What?!" You questioned. He shook his head. "Nothing. It's just..." He trailed off, looking at his hands. You looked at him. "Goodnight ____." He said as he got up and left your house.
  11. You sat there, confused. Then sighed and lying back down, falling asleep. The last thing you thought about before you fell asleep was...

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