A New Kind of Love Story part 4

Hi people of the world if you are incapable of reading titles this is A New Kind of Love Story Part 4!!! Go read the other parts if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Now that those people are out of the way, *Spioler Alert* the guys are barely in this one so you have to fend for yourself! HAha! Special shoutout to Sparkle6 for giving me an awesome idea fo the rest of the quizzes! Yay! Sorry its late I will be better I promise! So in the comments vote for which guy do you want alone time with first! Thank you to everyone!

Created by: Dolphin13

  1. "Whoa, guys look, _______ she's... she's ummmm, her eyes are closed," you hear someone say. You can hear the worry in their voice, so you try to open your eyes, but they're to heavy to lift up. You try to lift your head up, but you couldn't. It felt like a 100 pound wieght was on your neck where your head should of been. You tryed to move something, anything, but you couldn't. Everything was heavy, and you felt as if every bone in your body was nailed to the floor.
  2. "Kyle! Kyle, try please at least try to help her! She's our last hope! If you can't save her no one else inour world will be able to! All of you will have to return to her world and comeback the hard way," someone yelled with great urgency. You couldn't tell or understand who it was but they sounded so familiar, and so worried about you. "But isn't that dangerous?" 'Finally' you think 'a familiar voice!' It was Logan! Logan and Kyle are here with some random person and I'm assuming everyone else. "What about all of the monsters? We can't exactly use our powers around her until she gets them her self. We don't even know her element, and we don't have any instincts yet this is crazy your majesty!" "Oh fiddlebombers! What crybabies I have! What am I supposed to do now, children? Do you want me to send the other guardians? Would that suit you all better," her majesty (you guessed) said very sarcasticly. "Umm yourr majesty most of them have gone to the darkside, except for Roger, Derek, and Greg. But they are all ill from their last quest," Tyler said. "Then you get my point! Now, shoo!"
  3. You wake up three days later. In the daytime some where in a green pasture, horribly confused. You see some trees and some hills and a nice little lake. Flowers and birds and butterflies, are everywhere you are not very sure you are awake. You see a large sign in the distance it says 'Welcome to Switzerland.' How did I get here?
  4. "Where am I?" "Logan! Kyle! Max! Tyler! Emily! Where are you guys?" you shout, no answer. Your starting to get worried. You get up and decide to look around. You walk for a couple of miles in the sun untill you see a nice big oak tree and you decide to rest for awhile. You lay back on the trunk still unsure of what to do next.
  5. You sit there for a while and you start to fall asleep. then you find yourself falling backwards. You sit up but its to late your inside of the oak tree. Its dark and stuffy. You see cobwebs everywhere. You want to scream! When something or someone covers your mouth, and says "shhhhhh."
  6. You freak out and you manage to look up at the person shutting your mouth. He has deep blue eyes, pionty ears and a peter pan hat made out of bright green leaves. He lets go and you see he's only four feet tall! As you look completely around you see an entire crowd of them. They look like they've been taken right out of a fairytale. They don't look intimitating oa frightening. Just frightened. "Miss, I'm sorry to have frightened you but the monsters were after you," the first one I met said. Monsters?
  7. "What monsters? I was the only one out there?" All the elves let out a shrill squeal and then one answered, "They are invisible to one who is not looking. They are big and scary and come in all different colors. They are a lot like us and you but they have powers and instint death tools." "Instint death tools! Instint death tools!" They all mimic in shrill voices as if one was present at the time. "Do these monsters have a name?" There's a long pause before anyone dare speak. "They are humans, Miss.But they are evil ones who are out to get you and your friends." How did they know.....
  8. "Can you take me to my friends? Since you know about them, I mean you most know where they are correct?" Instantly the elves answer in unison, "Incorrect Miss!" Then one elf says "I'm afraid we are under controlled code which means no one can leave until those humans after you are gone." The monsters? "But what if my friends come to get me and take me home! They won't know where to find me and besides I think I can take on a couple of humans I mean I am one afterall. Just..." "Silence! There will be no more talk of leaving we are in controlled code if you leave they will find us! Everyone is permitted to leave. Go on back to your jobs, and you come with me." You follow the main forrest elf and watch the other elves disperse with a sense of horror on their faces. "Now miss I can show you your friends but please do not talk of leaving during one of our codes. Besides I know you can handle the monsters Logan was one of them gut this isn't about you its about the elves. You'll only do harm to the others. Did you not see their faces as we left? They are paranoid and your only making things worse by talking of this foolishness." That explains it. "But, my friends," "Come overly grown child I shall show you your friends." Who do you want to see the most?
  9. "They have grown weary searching for you. No one is in good spirits. For they know the monsters are tracking you as well. Logan refuses to do anything but look for you, he barely eats or sleeps because he goes over their tracks to make sure you were not missed. Tyler doesn't talk at all, he doesn't utter even a sound except for his silent sobs while asleep.He just throws rocks at trees or throws trees 100 miles into the air so the monsters will come and get him instead of you. Max can barely get himself to move forward, at all and has become sickly and weak. Which is awful because he might loose his job as a knight. Kyle, kyle is worst of all. He has gone back to his ways. He couldn't get you used to their world's air soon enough, to the point where you almost died. They would of lost you completely if you weren't seperated. But he will not forgive himself for these events and has multiplying scars on his arms and carries a knife with him all of the time. If you listen you can hear his shrieks of agony." Can this be true? Is this the same cheery group of friends I had at the begining of the year? They sound more like characters out of a horror movie to me. Wait. "What about Emily? What happened to her," i say with ever intensing agony, as I think up the reasons he might of not mentioned her. "Oh her...." Is all he manages to say.
  10. Hahahaha you guessed it a CliffHanger!!!!!!! Part 5 will be coming out shortly and maybe you'll get away from those creepy elves, I don't know about you but elves kind of scare me. Anyways, Comment, Rate, Spread the word?

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