Does Your Crush Like You? (Pretty Acurate! 😉

😁Are you in that stage in your life when your crush is acting all shy-ish or weird and you have absolutely no idea if he has feelings for you or not? Well finding out yourself might not be that easy, so I've made this quiz with completely accurate questions to guide you! 👍🏻

🤔Well does he like you? Yes? No? Maybe? Is he finally going to confess to you? Do you have a busy future coming up with him? This quiz includes actual signs I have been paying attention to when a guy likes a girl. The answers will shock you! Are you ready? Good. Good luck!🍀

Created by: Jessica 🎼🤷🏼‍♀️

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How does he/she usually greet you in the morning at work, school, or home?
  2. Does he have your number? If so, how often do you call or text?
  3. Ever had your first 😘 kiss? If so, what age?
  4. How do your personalities relate? 💭
  5. What would you both be willing to give up for each other? 🤔
  6. Has he ever made any physical signs he likes you? 😊
  7. If you combine yours and his favorite colors, what do you get?
  8. On a scale from 1️⃣ to 5️⃣ how much does he tease you?
  9. True or False: He knows your phone number and/or full name by heart?
  10. Do people ever tease you about being a couple? 🤞🏻💝
  11. True or False: He purposely tries to get next to you or join your conversations?
  12. Have you ever talked about the future? (It doesn't have to be about you guys getting together)
  13. How would you rate this quiz overall? (Will not effect answers)

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You? (Pretty Acurate! 😉