How to know if a guy likes you

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There are few matches made in heaven. Some girls have huge crushes on boys but have no idea if that boy have the same feelings for them. Well no need to fear!

Have you got a crush? Do You have no idea if you crush have feelings too? Then don't stress it, this quiz will tell you anything and everything you need you need to know!

Created by: Antonia
  1. When your talking to him, does look at your eyes or is his body position facing towards?
  2. How often do you and your crush talk?
  3. Do you have his phone number, email, facebook etc.
  4. Does he touch you a lot?
  5. Has he ever tried to make you laugh?
  6. How do you know him?
  7. Does he ever smile at you?
  8. When/If he stares at you, how long does he hold eye contact
  9. Has he ever complimented you?
  10. Last Question...Do you think he likes you as much as you like him?

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