Amy Rose: In high school

This quiz is about Amy attending Emerald High. She's nervous, full of fear. Most of the boys she knows made wrong choices, other made her feel special and one made her curious. Read and comment

I really hope you enjoy this. Not everyone likes Sonic. I luv him. He's my fav character since i was 2. Please read this and put a smile on my face! ;)!

Created by: Nicki Taylor
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  1. Amy walked down the hallway and saw Cream begging on her knees for Tails love. She felt bad, but then Sonic popped up with the ugliest squirell ever. Princess Sally Acorn. Amy has always envied he. Speaking of the girl here she comes now ready to star some trouble with rose. What do you do?
  2. Sonic sees Amy and smiles. "Hey b----." Sally says to your face. You glare with anger and fear. Sally laughs mockingly. "Glare all you want, pinky." You get really embarassed. Sally was picking on you and Sonic didn't stop her. You look over and he shrugs. "Bad luck hun." She says and walk off. How do you feel?
  3. Shadow passes by and you simply say hi knowing he was gonna ignore you. But to your suprise he waves a friendly hello and walks off. You shiver due to the cold hard stare in his red evil eyes, but you saw different. He seemed happy. Are you curious?
  4. Knuckles was the one to come down the hallway with the with the white bat. She wasn't happy to see you at all. "Hey Rouge, Knuckles!" Rouge glared and walked off. What's your reaction?
  5. Scourge saw you and rapped his arms aroud your waist. "Hey babe." You hesitate but then blush knowing you had a slight bittersweet weakspot for him. You say hi. He grazed your ear with his teeth. How do react.
  6. You finally reached class safely.Your heart pounded, looking for any familiar faces. You see Tails but frown when you see Cosmo, making you wanna burn her up. What do you do?
  7. You start to think about your guy friends and crushes. What color(s)?
  8. Multiple choice Do you like Any of the Sonic Characters?
  9. Multiple choice If so then who. *note: This is 4 peeps who chose yes.*
  10. Did this quiz affect you in a good way?

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