Confinement Part 25

Announcements: Merry Early Christmas! Alright, so this is going to be the last part in a long time because starting on Christmas day I am going on a vacation to Europe, and wont be back until early January. But I will have a special Christmas special waiting for you all...

...and hopefully this part was enough to fulfill your hearts long enough until I get back :P I know there isn't much romance in this part, but there is a lot of openings that will elevate the story into something much greater than the climax of my last series. :-)

Created by: Dannica
  1. Rave shoved his hands into his jacket. The December wind was blowing hard tonight, and it looked as if the rain was to come back anytime soon. The clouds were a sickly grey color, and night was nearly here. Rave looked about his surroundings, examining where he was. He shifted his weight onto his other foot, the gravel ground crunching beneath him. It was dead quiet, except for the rustle of leaves that were moving against each other. Then Rave started walking. He had no idea what exactly he was getting himself into. All he knew was that it was the right place to be. After walking about a yard into oblivion, Rave spotted stone gargoyles planted into the dirt. As he walked nearer he could see that atop the pedestals were goblin-like creatures with horns sticking out of their heads, and gigantic wings sprouting from either sides of their bodies. There were maybe four of them"”two on each side of him"”and each seemed to be sneering at Rave with small, razor-like teeth. Yet Rave was still not worried. If there was any kind of trouble he would just Shimmer out. He continued walking then, more confident in his stride, twisting the ring on his finger. Rave walked another stretch of empty and barren land, and then came upon more gargoyles. The bodies of stone were the same, and their smiles were the same, and their Satanic expressions etched onto their faces remained the same. And soon Rave came to a dead end"”a cliff. He looked down, confused for only a little bit. He scratched at his head, his skin getting icy from the coldness cutting through his body. Then simply, Rave reached out to the open space were the cliff ended. The image shimmered in front of him. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. He put his shoes to the edge of the cliff, removing his slightly warmer hands from his pockets. Then Rave jumped.
  2. Flame was still disappointed in himself for letting _______ go with Web. But he actually did trust her. And he actually did believe she needed some relaxation. And what better way for her to get some than with partying hard with Web? He furrowed his brow. At the time it seemed like a wise decision. "Flame!" He turned around, annoyed by the interruption. "Oh, hey." It was one of ______'s friends. Lauren, perhaps her name was. "Have you seen _______?" Flame raked a hand through his hair. "I believe she went out." She looked surprised. "Out? With who?" "Web," he murmured in a monotonous voice. Then, Lauren smirked. "Well you don't seem like a happy camper." "Well I'm not entirely delighted of this." She put her hand on her hips"”like girls always did. "Then why didn't you go?" He then smiled. Time to turn on the charm. "Web and I? At a club together? Do you realize how much attraction we would bring to the place? Police officers would be crashing in." She laughed. "I wonder sometimes why so many girls like you so much." "Does it seem obvious now?" She laughed again, and then walked away. "Thought so." Flame stood there for a moment more, until Lauren turned the corner and disappeared. Then Flame turned back around, and continued his path to Reaper Hall.
  3. Sebastian was sitting on top of his bed. He was staring at the ground, the clock ticking rather noisily behind him. He was thinking. Always thinking, thinking, thinking. He then eyed his dresser, where he kept his most valuable possession as of an hour or so ago. The meeting was a success. At first, Pantomime and he hadn't met eye-to-eye. But after a little persuasion and exchange of death threats things had gone smoothly. And now he was thinking. Thinking about how far him and his team were from actually accomplishing what he wanted done. The ticking was vulgar. It was louder than his thoughts and the voice inside of him trying to make sense of everything that has happened. Then came a knock on the door. "Enter," he slurred out, the ticking becoming consistently louder every time it sounded. The door opened silently, and in slithered Dig. The man waddled over to where Sebastian sat"”waddling because of his bulkiness. "Yes?" Dig kneeled down, so he could speak face to face. "There was a survivor from the explosion." Sebastian rubbed at his head. "And your point is?" Dig looked lost, fumbling for what words he wanted to say. "She says she knows something about one of the Seventh Sighters." Sebastian sighed. "Human?" Dig nodded. "By the name of?" The ticking was becoming unbearable. "She says her name is Dots." "What a pathetic name. Who would dare name a child that." He was speaking mostly to himself, and knowing that Dig wouldn't know what to respond, Sebastian continued on. "Very well. Find out what she claims to know, and I shall speak to her when I feel like I want to. Understood?" Dig nodded his head, and slowly stood back up. "Would like anything for the time being?" Sebastian looked up at his minion, sizing him up, wondering if he made a right choice. "You will address me as Master, from now on." Dig's face remained like stone. "If you want. Have a good evening." He turned to go out of the room, as the ticking slayed itself into Sebastian's mind. As Dig was about to close the doors a stark look exemplified on his face for a second, and then faded as he finished, "Master." Sebastian heard the thump as the two doors closed together and latched on to each other like a covalent bond. He held his face in his hands, tearing at his hair involuntarily, and started swaying back and worth. Tick tick tick. Sebastian growled, and then torpedoed onto his feet and shot at the clock with his hands with all his might. His fury boiled down to a simmer, as the sizzling embers of fire sparked off the big hole that was now on the wall. He sat back down on the bed, calmly, gathering back his fair posture. He clasped his hands together in his lap, and eyed his dresser again. Then he got back up, and went to it, skipping the first drawer and going straight to the last one, where the broken clock was, that he'd taken down a month before. It had collected dust, and one of the hands perched just atop the number one, never moving. He closed the drawer, and went back to his bed. Tick tick tick.
  4. Web came back with some sliders and some drinks"”water for me. He set them down and slid in next to me on the booth, tapping his fingers to the beat of the music. I took a slider and bit into it, chewing nervously. When I swallowed I leaned in close to his shoulder. "You know those guys that you told me to stay away from?" He nodded, looking at the bodies on the dance floor as the tiles of it turned different colors. "They're here." I expected him to look apprehensive"”maybe a little bit mad. But he simply looked at me, then back at the dance floor, then back at me. "They're probably upstairs." "Upstairs?" "Yeah. They have apartments up there, that people can rent for a few nights." I looked at him, disgusted. "You're serious?" "Well yeah. It's actually pretty nice." I must have looked flabbergasted, because he laughed and said, "One time, I came to the room extremely drunk, and I had maybe five girls with me, and Flame kicked me out." Then he snorted. "I even offered to share with him." I still didn't say anything. Then he took a swig of his drink and put an arm around me. "Don't worry, asparagus, that was a long time ago. I am a totally different person." Then he did one of his wicked and mischievous grins. "Just way hotter now, and continuing on." I rolled my eyes and shrugged his arm off of me. "Nice to know." Web rolled his head back onto the booth and started laughing. "You, my precious lima bean, are a very boring human being. So let us ponder off into the night and onto the dance floor, shall we?" He had gotten up onto his feet, and offered his hand. "I won't get too dirty, if that makes you feel any better." I laughed, and then looked once more at the forever moving happening in the middle of the club. "Is this club even legal?" Web took my hand, a smirk resting on his lips, and started leading me into the thick crowd of dancing people. "They don't call it Anarchy for nothing, celery stick."
  5. Rave was engulfed in darkness. He plummeted down"”the air rushing his body and whipping his skin. He could not see a single thing. Yet he did not scream. Because screaming showed weakness. And from what Brother Jerimiah told him, weakness does not suffice when becoming a Savior. It was a quick descent, however, because soon after he felt the pressure in his ears go away, he found himself floating maybe two inches above a black pavement, then dropped. With a grunt, Rave picked himself back up, and then eyed the premises. There was no bright light here"”he knew right away. The area itself was in a big square-like structure, with high barriers and rocky paths that twisted into different caves. In each corner of the square, lanterns shined with only a flicker of a flame, and big shadows cascaded down onto the ground from the majestic mountains and cliffs towering above him. The grey clouds seemed even more grey from where he stood, and a roll of thunder soon came to sound. Rave looked again once more, and stopped dead in the middle, where a rusty-looking cabin stood, slanting a bit on its left side. Rave swore it wasn't there before. Another shriek of thunder clapped, almost making him jump. Then, shoving his hands back into his pockets, he tread on to the cabin. Every time Rave breathed, a puff of frost would escape from his mouth, and the tiny rocks beneath his feet would groan and crinkle every step he took. There seemed to be no wind down here, and no sounds elevated above his own. When Rave reach maybe an arm's length from the cabin, he stopped in front of the door, which was decayed and covered in moss. A small pipe-looking chimney poked out from the roof of the wooden cabin, yet no smoke escaped out. There was one window in the front that he could see, and it was dirty and cracked everywhere. Rave scratched at his head, now genuinely confused as to why his initial instinct had told him to come here. Then he heard a rock skitter across the ground.
  6. Rave turned around in a flash, and was met face to face with a girl. She had light auburn hair, reminding him of the fall leaves, and was paler than snow. She wore black on her lips, and had blue in her eyes. She wore a dress"”which Rave found strange considering that it was the middle of Winter. Yet the girl did not seem cold, or uncomfortable at all. Her dress was made up of layers and layers of different shades of green, and ballooned out like one of those huge over-the-top dresses that girls almost wore for Prom. She smiled at him, barefooted. "Rave," she cooed, never leaving her gaze off him. "What a delight." Her voice was icy"”full of bluntness, he could tell. Rave removed his hands from his pockets, and raised his head. "Who are you?" She ruffled the bottom part of her dress, so that it shimmered in the dark, like fireflies were dancing on her. "You come to my home yet don't know who I am. How ravishing." Rave raised a brow. Whoever this girl was, she was going to be a hassle to talk to. "Sorry, I don't recall there being a Google Maps page for the bottom of the Earth." She giggled. Her laugh was high-pitched, and echoed off the walls almost scarily. "Silly, this isn't the bottom of the Earth. This is Ardones, land of the your sarcasm isn't appreciated." Rave stifled a laugh. "How wonderful." The girl grinned, revealing pearly white teeth. Then she bowed like a gentleman. "I am Penelope Basil Arche: duke, queen, president, and ruler of this lovely land. Population: One." She cocked her head to one side. "Well, two, including yourself." She returned to her regular stance, and then started walking towards him. "Allow me to show you the grand tour." She linked her arm with his, then smirked. "Believe me when I say you wouldn't want to get lost around here. Especially with me around."
  7. The dance floor was crazier when we were actually dancing on it. Right when Web and I entered the crowd of sweaty beings, we were engulfed in heat and screams, like everybody moved as one organism. There were girls immediately trying to cling onto Web and dance on him, and there were even some trying to get at me, which made me very uncomfortable. I wasn't very much of a party type. I never really attended much parties in Maine"”considering that I was pretty much an outcast in my school from my "schizophrenia""”so I had no idea what I was doing, so I just kind of stood there and swayed a little bit, even though the beat to whichever electronic song that was playing was going up and down and side to side like a roller coaster. People bumped into me most of the time, and glitter rained down from the ceiling in bundles, covering whoever was in the way before falling onto the floor. I saw Web gesticulating with his hands, urging the girls to shoo off. Then he strode towards me, and grabbed my hands. "You have to let loose. That's how you have fun." I sighed, sagging my shoulders. Web saw my apprehensiveness, and then put his mouth close to my ear. "Do you even like this type of music?" I shook my head in candor. Then he motioned me to stay where I was. I watched him with my eyes as he made his way towards the DJ. He said something into his ear, and I could see a vain popping out of his neck that I thought was actually quite a turn-on. The DJ nodded, and then stopped the song. There were a few groans from the people beside me as Web came back. "What did you do?" I asked him, as a waiter came slithering in between us holding a tray of shots. Web grabbed one, and gulped it down. "Request for my fair maiden." I rolled my eyes. "You're so melodramatic." Web shrugged, and then suddenly, a familiar sound shot out of the speakers, and I recognized it easily as that one new Ke$ha song that was seemingly everywhere now. "Oh my god." Web started laughing and then he yelled at the top of his lungs, singing along to the chorus in the beginning. People started staring, and then they sung along, like this was some sort of huge choir. And maybe it was because of the fact that Web started this, or the fact that his singing was absolutely terrible"”but I was laughing. And sooner or later I was singing along, and sooner or later I was dancing and singing along. I was having fun. And it was the best fun I've ever had in a long time. And even after the song was over, another one I knew played. And it was like that for a long time. Web and I"”surprisingly"”having pure fun.
  8. Sebastian was once again seated in the Circle. Even though there was only him, Noose, Dig, Carnation, and Razor left in the Temple, he still felt like there should be an orderly way of speaking all together. To his left"”where he used to sit when Haste was still around"”sat Noose. To his right, was Carnation, and the rest followed down the line. The human they called Dots stood in the middle, a black bag over her face and silver bracelets wrapped tightly around her wrists, chained deeply into the ground, and held sturdily by golden stakes. After Razor and Dig had cleaned up his room after what he'd done, Noose and Carnation had run into the room, claiming that this despicable woman knew much about a Seventh Sighter whom already had been bound to her Savior. When hearing of that, of course Sebastian had to verify it in person. Silence bounced off the domed walls of the room, and Sebastian took a very nice drink of water. The woman stood very still on the ground level"”such like a statue. Then, getting very impatient with this stillness, Sebastian cleared his throat. "What is your name?" The woman made a motion to speak, but Sebastian beat her to it to revise the question. "Your real name"”that you used in the Temple. None of that Dots nonsense." Even with the mask over her face, Sebastian could tell she was very surprised when he said that. "Orbit. I was called Orbit."
  9. Sebastian chuckled softly to himself. "Like the human gum. How very cute." His words sounded like venom spewing out of a snake's fangs. "Well, Orbit, tell me what you told my fellow co-workers. I shall decide if it's true or not." Orbit started shaking, the metal clanging against one another. "A Seventh Sighter. Where I worked." "And where did you work?" "At a coffee shop." "Which one?" "Cafe Montesquieu." Sebastian rubbed his hands together. "And why were you working at a coffee shop when you belong here in the Temple unless ordered otherwise?" Orbit was silent for a moment. "My children needed food. The Temple does not give equal rations to humans. They were going to starve." "How did you get out of the Temple?" "Haste allowed me to do so. He told me as long as I was working undercover I could go in and out as a pleased." Sebastian filled with rage. Of course this was the doing of the mighty Haste. "When did you find out about this Seventh Sighter?" Orbit sank to her knees. "Last month." "When Haste was still alive." She nodded in agreement. "And you did not inform him. You betrayed him. Why?" Orbit looked up at him. "The girl was kind. Very kind."
  10. Sebastian could hear Razor make a sound of disgust. "Where is she?" Orbit paused again. She still did not answer after a minute. "I said: Where is she?" Orbit sighed. "Pennsylvania. From James Dawn Boarding School." Sebastian grinned maliciously. Then he stood up from his seat, and gestured to the woman. "Very well. I believe you are telling me the truth. Now, what did Noose and Carnation promise you if you told the truth?" Orbit looked back down, letting her wrist fall along with her face. "They said I could be with my children. They said two of them were here"”in the Temple." Sebastian looked over to his left and right, acknowledging if this was true. When Noose nodded, Sebastian grinned again. "Of course. And they shall honor this promise." He gestured for Noose and Carnation to rise. "Take this lovely woman to her children." Noose and Carnation started treading down the stairs, to where Orbit was. Noose took out a gun. The sound of him clicking in the bullets filled the air. Orbit screamed. Carnation took her by the arms roughly, and started dragging her away. The screaming faded until it was quiet. Dig turned to him. "The children are dead." Sebastian curled his lip. "I am aware. She will be with them. Like promised." A loud bang shot through Sebastian's ears. "We never break our promises."

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