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  • WHOOOOO!!!!! THE PIE GUY IS BACK!!! XD lol jk. Sorry.

    Aww, you can't get an accout? :< That's okay; I totally understand. My parents used to be like that, too; I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of those social networking sites. :S

    O.O KATIE. I forgot about her!! Hmm... now that you've brought her back in my memory, I like having her on the quest with Tammy. ^.^ Actually, I think I might like it more than with Nico, Tammy, and Leo... is that bad...? :< TEAM LEO FOR THE WIN!! XP Can't wait for part 6!

  • Aww, I wish Tammy picked the pie guy.... :P. But I can see why she didn't pick Nico because Nico appears to be plotting against them.

    TEO!! Haha, see what I did there? I combineded Leo and Tammy together to make Teo :P.

    Get the next part out fast!!

  • *speechless* I love this series! It sucks that you can't get an account since

    1) All your quizzes would be together
    2) You can post on forums.

    But you are still awesome. NEXT 10 PARTS NOW! NEXT 10 PARTS NOW!

  • I forgot one thing, sorry. I LOVE THE PIE GUY!


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