Is he interested?

This is a quiz for girls who want to know if a guy likes them. No more guessing and wondering. Get a clear answer! I'm hoping you will rate my quiz as this is my first.

I made this because I've taken a lot of quizzes about this subject and I've found somethings I didn't like so I decided to put my ideas in this quiz for an improvement.

Created by: Kim Possible
  1. Do you talk to each other?
  2. Does he call/text you?
  3. Does he hug you?
  4. Do your friends think he likes you?
  5. Does he flirt with you?
  6. How old is he?
  7. Has he told you he liked you?
  8. Has he ever hurt you? (Emotionally or Physically)
  9. Does he have a girlfriend?
  10. Does he seem to always be where you are?

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