let's get personal

hi! i've been instructed to be friendly and tell you about my quiz so you'll be interested in taking it! i find exclamation points to exude friendliness and interest! are you interested in my friendly quiz yet? oops, i mean ...yet!

great, now we're all friendly and interested and i feel at ease enough to tell you that this is a quiz to see how well you know me! if you don't know me then this is going to be pretty rough. you'll probably want to cheat so you don't feel like a total loser. i mean, not that i'd call you a loser...to your face. or would i? hm, you'll just have to take my quiz to find out!

Created by: amy
  1. how often do i shave my legs above the knee?
  2. what flavor of gum do i prefer?
  3. if my eyebrows were left to their own devices i would strongly resemble cromagnon man. what method do i use to keep them in line?
  4. i enjoy chocolate milk. why is this so strange?
  5. what kind of deodorant do i use?
  6. i have a crush on my -
  7. i have a birthmark on my upper left thigh in the shape of which country?
  8. my myspace profile says i'm 5' 3", but i'm actually -
  9. what do i dread most about getting old?
  10. what do i most look forward to about getting old?

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