Your Celeb type and Celeb Name!

What do you think of when you think of a celebrity? Miley Cyrus? Taylor Swift? Who? Do you think of yourself as a celebrity, well if not, you will find your inner celebrity in this quiz.

Now, what IS your type of celebrity? What is your inner celebrity name? You did not know until now, now with just a few simple clicks, in a few minutes, you will find out.

Created by: Rhia
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay, when it asks you gender it doesn't mean a thing, so here is one that will: Are you a girl or boy
  2. Okay your friend wants to hang with you, but you have an important meeting what do you do?
  3. You have 1,000 dollars for shopping you:
  4. You're at a important gig, and you break your leg, you:
  5. Your career is going up! But, your ignoring your friends, and she's totally mad, what do you do?
  6. Your friend steals your wallet, you?
  7. You get a new bracelet / necklace / watch you:
  8. Do you love paparazzi?
  9. You are on the cover of a magazine, everyone loves it you:
  10. Last Question: You are now a celebrity! How's it feel?

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Quiz topic: My Celeb type and Celeb Name!