Which celeb are you most like?

my quiz is about celebrities it is to see which celebrity you are most liek and if you are interested in this do this quiz it is an okay quiz. TRhis is too much to write i have nothing to say oh man

i have to fill up these spaces with 150 words so i can make this quiz, i should get 100% on my assignment becayuse i am so awesome. If this quiz gets deleted before you mark my site i will be very upset. that is all.

Created by: rl
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to party
  2. Do you bvlah
  3. Blah blah?
  4. Heyyey hey heeyeyey?
  5. I have to have atleast 10 questions to let this quiz be made...
  6. Only 5 more.
  7. I better get 100%, press.
  8. Okay 3 more!
  9. so i get 100 right?
  10. ONE MIORE~
  11. last one

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Quiz topic: Which celeb am I most like?